Ben's Ork Gaming Table

Figured id post my progress of this project here, as ill probably get plenty of helpful tips on where i can improve stuff.

This is my first time making itll be interesting to see how i go....and ill hopefully learn a lot in the process!





It came to my attention recently that I now have enough room to set up a table in the back of my house, so...why not!
I want something different yet functional, so ill be making an ork themed board.

Ill be making enough buildings to be used for cities of death, as well as enough other stuff to be used as a generic 40k board.

Some ideas so far are:
-mushroom forests
-referencing dawn of war buildings
-beer keg objective markers
-an ork pub
-a 'mek shop'
-a squiggoth paddock 


To start things off....

I bought three mdf board from Bunnings for $12 each. Put together theyre exactly 47" by 71"(close enough!). I chose to have three separate boards for easy storage.


Garrat(usually plays necrons at the club) has and will be helping me a lot to set up this board. 

We the boards covered in sand in two layers, then undercoated them(which used up like 5 fricken cans of undercoat!....lucky it was cheap bunnings crap). Then we just drybrushed it up, added some whiter areas to make it more uneven with white spray, and inked the shit out of it. Then we added static grass and few bits of plasticard 'scrap metal' here and there. 

(I also marked out the centre of each edge of each board with a white line so finding the centre of the board in table quarter missions is easy)




Last night i made these basic rubble structures to start off the terrain making. Theyre just boring, generic stuff, conferring a 5 or 6+ cover save. These will be detailed further with bits and putty, and finally sand, ready to paint.





And heres the 3 MDF structures Garrat and I built today. Theyre about 70% done, as we still need to add lots more gubbins and armour to them, but you can essentially see what theyll be like. These are just generic ork buildings, the more elaborate ones like the 'mek shop' will follow once im better at making terrain :)






And heres the stuff assembled on 2 of the boards





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hey its lookin pretty good

hey its lookin pretty good man!! nice one!

Looking classy

Hey, that's all looking classy. The board and rubble piles look good, and the buildings are very Ork-y. Normally I tend to base things like that since it makes them tougher, but leaving them un-based makes them more flexible. Those MDF buildings also look strong enough to resist anything short of being run over by a truck, so they'd probably be fine. Are the base buildings pre-made, or did you make them yourself?

Theyre the premade ones from

Theyre the premade ones from cnc workshop, 'sand series'.


Theyre pretty good value at 13.50 a building, or $30 for the whole set. What ive done is photocopied each frame before i put them together, so if i want more i can just buy a sheet of mdf and cut it out myself.

So yeah.....if the clubs interested i can supply said photocopied mdf layouts :) 

Finished detailing the

Finished detailing the buildings with cardboard last night.

Theyve been undercoated black, then ive lightly picked out edges with white undercoat. This will speed up the painting process. The basic idea is to wash/ink them to all holy hell.


Almost forgot, I painted up these ruiny things today aswell.




dood, this stuffs lookin awesome! nice work mate look foward to seeing it finished

first pics of a game on the

first pics of a game on the board



Nice. I'm assuming you will

Nice. I'm assuming you will make a shirt load (one of the new HGC shirts by preferance) more buildings? I recommend making waste storage/fuel tanks. You can use old food tins, I particularly like asparagus tins (can't stand asparagus though!), Aktavite tins (which have this awesome foil insert in the top) and single serve tuna cans. Wrecked vehicles are nice, but you need o get somethign to wreck... try $2 shops and cheap-o models, they can work well! remember, 1/32 or 1/35 scale stuff tends to look the right size in 40K. Oh - and you need an idol of Mork (or possibly Gork!)

Oh, and for the record; the

Oh, and for the record; the HGC mushroom forest mushrooms where carved out of high density blue polystyrene. You can sand it to shape easily, but it gives off a shirt load of blue dust!

Also, the barrels in my Dwarf army come from Eureka Miniatures, and cost the princly sum of $1 ea, possibly less if you buy a lot!