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As some of you may have guessed from the strange posts about Beer ponies and Plumbium Abatrosses, I am building a Dwarf Army. What is more, I fully intend to involve DoW in that army. (For those who have not yet read Hoodling's article, that stands for Dogs of War, not Dawn of War, which is a very different thing, and combining it with dwarves would be... interesting.) I've been intending to do this for a while now, but since I don't have the models for it yet, I havn't mentioned it on the forum. The DoW part of the army falls into two groups.

The first group is Khaptain Kholin's Khazalid Khontingent, and concists, as the name suggests, of dwarves. In the Dwarf army, these will be normal Dwarves, but they will appear as DoW units in other armies.  What makes the KKKK different from the rest of my army you ask? Well, it's the models. The KKKK have been serving in various manling armies for so long that they have adopted the style of dress of the Empire.  (Actually, it's just an excuse to use all those awesome old Dwarf minis who are dressed like renasiance pimps!)

The second group is a DoW unit specifically tailored and themed to fit in with my Dwarven brewers theme. This unit is Don Perinon and his Bodyguard. Don Perinon is an Estalian Wine and Spirits merchant who rides the old world in search of new brews. naturally, he has close ties with Ironfoundersson's Brewery, and when it is threatened, he and his band of rag-tag Estalian kinghts join the fight. Actually, this all came about because I scored the Freelance Knight from Mordhiem for Xmas. He juts looks like a down-on-his-luck merchant, and I had to use him! His bodyguard will probably be converted from Empire Knights and Empire militia combinations to make them look shabby.

Some people would object to the use of Cavalry in Dwarves. Afterall, Dwarves are meant to be slow and ponderous. I say it fits the theme and feel of my army perfectly to have these Knights along. And what is more, can you really see six or so Mercenary Knights altering the balance that much? I could be taking a second Organ gun, or a Flame cannon or something! 

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Mercenary love

Mercenary units are awesome. It fits your theme too, this dwarf army is from Averland right? The province is swarming with mercenaries; my Averlander army often has hired swords as the majority of its units (even a leased steam tank!)

With this brewery being near the moot, have you thought about taking halflings? Hot pot or archers, both are awesome. 

actually, the only reason it

actually, the only reason it is near the moot is so i can take Halflings! I'm after Lumpin Croop and his Fighting Cocks (mostly for the cool minis), and any other crazy halfling madness I can locate (at a reasonable price)