Cities of DEAAAATTTHH!!!

hey guys, been reading a bunch of the cities of death ( from now on referd to as COD) stuff in the wd ect, i think it would be pretty cool if we actually had some games and stuff and put the results in, i wouldnt mind refreshing some old 40k rivalries and gettin some larger games going too.Im not suggesting a campaign or anything, just that maybe we start getting some 40k in, with a lean towards COD maybe using the new stratagem rules in COD and fight in the right zones for Aus ect. Thoughts?

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yeah ill give cities of

yeah ill give cities of death a go. cant say i know much about it though. maybe if we got 4 or so of us togeather to to play betwene for a few weeks thatd be cool. 

Give me a chance to re-read

Give me a chance to re-read my 40K rule book, brush the dust off my LATD, or posibly finish 500 points of rabid feral orks and I'll be in.

What with the new 40K railway set up (debuted last week, and now in for intensive rennovation and enhancement) we could get some really great urban warfare terrain going. Fighting across a bombed out rail yard would rock!

Anyone got any sisters of

Anyone got any sisters of battle they want to lend me?, then id be able to add another player to the mix.

Dont realy know any one who

Dont realy know any one who plays sisters, whats that new beast men player play? never remember new names :P maybe he does. hey noakse what points are we lookin at and should we try to have all painted?


All painted means we can do

All painted means we can do some 40k battle reports - gets my vote. :)

mine too, though that means

mine too, though that means id have to paint tau which im not goging to get a chance to do i could do a reasonable 750 pt full painted army though. 

well points wisefor a

well points wisefor a painted bat rep we'd want around 1500, but i was really thinkin that we should do is play games that count towards the global cities of death campaign, so id like to hear the armies ppl can bring to the table, ill be marines (crimsonfist, deamonhunters) and the beginnings of a city fighting imperial guard ( armoured company) so ill be fighting "For the Emperor"

I Can bring about 2000

I Can bring about 2000 points of LATD (it's a while since I last added up a list so I'm no sure exactly what I have), and the beginings of a Feral Ork horde. I've also got 40K Chaos Marines, but i am not inclined to use them as an army in thier own right, cause they are Nurgle, but designed for the old codex, so they have troops which Nurgle forces should not have...

I shall not be fighting 'For the Emperor.' I may be fighitng 'For the Orkperor'

I'll get soem guard on

I'll get soem guard on that!
I just need to paint/buy some special weapons and some officers and I'll be sweet.

hooray! defenders of the

hooray! defenders of the imperium its time to unite and turn the tide on medusaV... or else ... evacuate safely... or something! or was it harvest slaves... nono it was for research!


also i have an extra 500 600 poinmts of guard we can use brew 

Ive had a few games with the

Ive had a few games with the new cityfight book. Much smoother than the last one, and the forced objectives are definately a lot of fun, sorts out them static guard armies!

Happy to have a few CoD games at the club...just dont know if anyone else has the book yet. Can bring dark eldar, orks, deathguard, latd, tau or alpha legion if anyone wants a game.