Gamer Profiles!!

I think we get the gamer profiles back up!!!



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Why don't we all just post

Why don't we all just post out Pic and profile in this forum thread? That way everyone can have one, and we don't have to wait for the Site admin guys to get round to creating our profiles. (I know I always forgot when I was running the old site) All you need to do is stick a pic in, and the list the games you play, the armies you have etc. I can post the old gamer profile's format up if people don't know what to include.

I like the whole link it to

I like the whole link it to a pic of the army and whatnot.

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I'll go first then.

Dene Murphy


I play Empire in WHFB, Space Marines in 40k, Humans and orcs in blood bowl, and I've recently uncovered old school eldar and space marine epic 40k armies.

I tend to get pwned in games.

Here's a photo of my army. Nice shot here, right before my army collapsed.

yeh i figured we could link

yeh i figured we could link the gamer profiles to the army profiles cause i wanted the whole.. pics of the armiesand all taht jazz.. so why wdoulnt we link those armies to the gamer responsible.. and from there to any of his otehr armies that hes got profiles up of

I was talking to a few

I was talking to a few people about this, and possibly the easiest way to do things would be to come up with a list of potential fields/headings (ie 'Name', 'Games played', 'Armies collected', 'Favourite army', 'Favourite quote', etc) and then let people create their own article. I've added a 'player profile' article type, so people can just go to create content -> story and set the article type to 'player profile'.

 This is a list of headings/fields based off stuff from Owen and Sam. If anybody's got any other suggestions, feel free to post them.

  • Name
  • AKA/Nickname
  • Games played
  • Armies/forces/gangs/fleets/etc
  • Favourite game(s)
  • Favourite part of hobby
  • Favourite quote
  • Member since
  • Playing since
  • Real job
  • (Recent) tournaments played in and how you went
  • Favourite model
  • Links
  • etc (other stuff?)

Possibly Owen can add in the 'threat level' stuff he was doing last time. :)

great idea!

Would be good to see peoples profiles. See who collects who, and we could arange battles with those people!