WargamerAu for hampton tourny goers

Hey all, this is ben (40k player, latd, deathguard etc etc etc player)

Since i assume there must be a few tourny-goers at hampton may i recomend wargamerau? Been a member there for about 2 years and it seems to be a pretty all-encompassing australian wargaming site with all the major tournies across australia represented. That, and the usual modelling, armylists and discussion for all the GW systems, and other stuff like warmachine and FoW.

Anyway, yeah just lettin' you know, since ive found it pretty useful in knowing whats going on in the gamin' world.


btw my username there is 'waargh' :D

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Well I've bin a member for a

Well I've bin a member for a while, go by the name of Nick