Conquest 08

Ok, so I have to write up the rules for conquest by the 30th. I can
change minor details, but I have to have the rules pack done by then

Please read them (they're  listed content creators only) and if you can see anything fundamentally wrong with them, let me know. I'm sure some will object to the actual content, that's not really what I'm asking at this point.


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Here are some proof-reading-y points:

"Any unpainted armies will be unable to win any prizes." - may want to clarify whether this means no painting prizes or no prizes of any kind. If it's the latter, you might want to put in some stronger/bolded text in to warn people off.

"This score (out of 20) will be halved to give a score out of 10 for appearance. These are then averaged for the overall score." - may want to clarify what the second sentence means.

"2. Did you opponent play briefly and not stall for time? If you game finished on this, this should be a ‘yes’ " - should that be 'If your game finished on time'?

"3. The army was a max/min army, minimising the weaker, core troops in order to take more elites? Exercise discretion here." - may want to tighten up the wording on this one if possible, currently a little bit vague.

"Contact Organiser
Drew McLean (TO) can be contacted through under alias threemcs" - not having a cleartext email address online is a good move. :) I can set you up an obfuscated spambot-resistant email link (like the ones on the contacts page) on this site as well, if you'd like - that'd let people who don't use WAU contact you. Might also want to spell out what 'TO' stands for, in case people don't know.


I have made changes, so if anyone else says anything that they find confusing/wrong, let me know.


How would I go about putting in an obfuscated address.


Ugh, back to the real world tomorrow. Lat night was fun, eh!