Mail order from US

Hey everyone, it looks like Pete and I are gonna order a bunch of stuff from US Mail Order, the current exchange rate is rather favourable especially for those of us who want to buy and of the Specialist Games stock.

So if anyone wants to order something from the US, talk to Pete or I and we can organise it from there.

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Hey If you guys don't mind,


If you guys don't mind, I would like to order some stuff with you. When should I give you the details?


do you have MSN Alan? if you

do you have MSN Alan? add my e-mail, then we can organise it from there or over the phone. What kinda stuff are you interested in getting?

Ordering soonish

We'd like to put in this US order fairly soon (before next weekend, hopefully). Who else was interested and what were you after? We'll confirm with people before we actually order, but posting here is a good start.

I am definately down for a

I am definately down for a US order, how do i contact you guys?

I'm after some BFG stuff

I'm after some BFG stuff basically.


Just looking for about 6 cruisers and a battleship pretty much. Anything else i need for a good starting fleet? 


Might be worth getting a few escorts as well - it's nice to have access to them and they can be pretty useful. I'll try and get in touch by email tomorrow.

The order of Powarrrr!

The mighty order of doom has been made and will turn up whenever it damn well feels like it.

So when do you need the

So when do you need the monies?


The tau fleet is looking MIGHTY tempting actually, I might put in an order in a month or two if people want to pool monies for a second lot.


The 1500 point fleet pete suggested seems like the best option really - Two explorer class carrier ships, a token merchant crap cruiser, three hero class cruisers, eight orca gunships and two messenger buff-ships.

It just ends up being another ordnance fleet, but a decent one I reckon...