Crazy Conversions!

As a crazed convertionist, i just thougth I'd open up a thread for people to post crazy conversions they have done or seen. I'm talking about silly stuff here.

I myself am the proud owner of:

  • A Goblin Wolf rider mounted on a Chicken
  • A Gobbo squig-hopper wannabe riding a pogo stick
  • A squiggoth instead of a Giant
  • A female orc cheer-leader for Blood Bowl
  • Numerous drunken Savage Orcs
  • A pump wagon which gnashes it's jaws as it moves
  • And every one of my Gobbo musicians plays the Bagpipes!

What have you guys got or seen?

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In case you were under a rock...

No really a crazy conversion in appearance, but in the time it would have taken: The cathayans owned by Tom Miller (I hope I got that name right) that I've seen bunping around some tournaments.

The sheer awesomeness- you'd have to be crazy just to be able to spend that long converting them.



Some of my less useful conversions:

-Scary Spice: Terminator Torso, with scorpion legs, horse head, saurusarm, marine arm, knight arm, googley eyes. If fear is 1 and terror is 2, scary spice would cause whatever 5 is called.

-Shonkey Familiar: A spare boar head with a pair of mangled orc legs and a lump of fymo (essentially green stuff, but it had to be cooked- yes, in an oven- to set) to join them together. I don't know what I was smoking when I came up with him. The colour scheme is even weirder.

-Chaos Sorcerer: Not so crazy- had a spare chaos warrior torso, so I made this guy with some fymo tentacles. He also had a crown casino swizzle stick top (the crown logo) activng as a cape.

-Worried looking guy: A bloke I made when I got my first pack of green stuff. Just a guy with four arms, but he looks a bit worried.

-Mutant orcy thing: another conversion I did just because I now had green stuff. Has four arms, again, but two of them are the shoota gripping arms, so he looks like he's about to pimp-slap yo ass.

-Tyranid Scout Walker. I bought a bio titant at mil sims in a sell-off, and it had a spare head and weapons options, so I made the scout walker. Looks quite cool actually.


I'll let you knwo if I think of any more.


im making a snotling pump giant, its gonan be the size of a giant, but.. a framework crewed by snotlings... think " the mega zoid" from power rangers... but in snotling form..  and less colours i guess.. also not as gay

Hah! Rock Around the

Hah! Rock Around the Mork..

I have to have this guy done by dec ill actually start attempting to get him done.


dood thta green stuffing is

dood thta green stuffing is coming out really nice! i was wondering when it was gonna get done by! look foward to seeing it!

Which reminds me - I was at

Which reminds me - I was at Mind Games on Sunday, and they have greenstuff from another company for $32. But it comes in two logs, oneblue, one yellow. And each log is about the size of a distress flare!


Oooh,I don't use much as it is, but that sounds awesome.


Oh my various gods! Was that

Oh my various gods! Was that the city mindgames? Was there much of the packs in stock? Ill have to pay them a visit. Which reminds me...

 Does anyone know a particularly good place for plasticard? The best ive found is Hearns Hobbies near flinders st station...but im always on the lookout for something closer.


One more thing... Does anyone have any of those crappy current plastic ork buggies/traks/trukks lying around? I dont care what condition theyre in, but if youd part with them for cheap id be happy to take them off your hands!



cheers, ben.

Yep, city branch Mind Games.

Yep, city branch Mind Games. It's in sort of blister like packs, hanging on the wall, just past the GW stuff, and fairly low down. Company was something like Gale Force hobbies or smomething...

Try Hobby Place (also in the city, near Melbourne Central) or Train World (On Hawthorn Road, just before you reach north road if you are coming from the Nepean highway) they are both good plasticard stockists, although as Noakes can testify, Train World are a bit random and crusty in thier customer service.

Curses! I just sold my Truk on ebay about six months ago!  I don;t have any complete buggies, just bits of them, mostly very beaten up, and I wantto hang on to those. Why not try what I've been doing, and use 1/35th scale army vehicles? I've got a Jeep, a Bentley Sportscar, and a  Bren carrier in my squadron, and I will be adding a Schwimmwagen amphibious German jeep soon.

Oh i dont actually need the

Oh i dont actually need the truks and buggies to actually be truks or buggies, just need suitably orky armour plates, saves a little time when cutting up plasticard and sticking on loads of little rivets :D

The Beer Pony!

The Beer PonyThe Beer PonyHere, in all it's glory, I have great pleasure in presenting the Beer Pony! Basically the grudge pony (why is it called that?) from Skull Pass, with the crate replaced with a Keg. He sits in the middle of one of my Dwarf warrior regiments to get them some extra numbers.

There are some pics of the Beer Pony in it's parent regiment on my site. 


Your pony carries beer, thus is a beer pony.
Logic tells us that therefore the grudge pony carried a grudge. Weather or not this suggests that the pony holds some immense hatred of a master long dead for a deed long forgotten by all except said grudge pony, or is merely carting round a copy The Grudge on DVD, I will never know.

hahaha thanks brew  what if

hahaha thanks brew

 what if the pony is carrying a grudge for a former master who made it watch the grudge on dvd and now carri4es the grudge around in dvd form so that he can one day get bloody revenge on his former master byu inserting a dvd copy OF the grudge into him... thus settling the grudge...

Ah yes, but is this the

Ah yes, but is this the original Japanese version,or the American remake, or thier respective sequels? Or, worse yet, is it a Compliation featuring all four?

Size matters.

I think just by looking at the cart, it is clearly larger than one DVD. Obviously is is a boxed set containing at least all four 'grudge' movies. 

The Dwarven Zepplin

Yes! I am building a Dwarven Zepplin now! Why settle for a plain old Gyrocopter, when a Blimp or Zepplin is so easy to make? And it fits right in with the brewery theme of my army!

So far, the zepplin consists of a gas bag made from two chopped down shampoo bottles stuck end to end, and a cockpit/gondola thing made from bits from an old gyrocopter for the engine, wings, pilot and propellors, skaven posion wind back-pack for extra engine bits, lots of plasticard shapes, and a clock-work rotary steam cannon made from loads of dwarf plastics spare parts.

Watch this space. Or at least some space. 

Zepplin update

Here are some pics of the zepplin in progress.Zepplin gondola with clock-work rotary steam cannonZepplin gondola with clock-work rotary steam cannonZepplin GondolaZepplin GondolaThe Zepplin: FuselageThe Zepplin: Fuselage

Ahaha I love it.

Ahaha I love it. It needs house rules I tell you! Bombs and heavy flamers, not just a wimpy gyrocopter... Beware cannons though...

Fittin into theme

Just to make it fit with the theme more, claim that it is filled not with helium/hydrogen/hot air, but a super foamy variety of beer that they have developed. So light that it can lift things!


My Dwarven Zepplin is complete!

Built by Borak the Birdbrained seventy-four years ago, the mighty air-ship 'Golen Eagle' is used for communicating with distant out-posts, and important mercy missions (delivering beer.) Of course, the older Engineers scoffed at Borak's ideas, telling him that an all metal lighter-than-air ship was impossible. They gave it the name which has stuck to it ever since, Plumbium Albatross...

Here we see the hull of the ship (made from two shampoo bottles) before and after being stuffed with expanda foam. Greenstuff has been sued to smooth the end caps over, and fill some gaps. Last of course, is the mighty ship in all it's glroy!Plumbium Albatross: The hull about to be filled.Plumbium Albatross: The hull about to be filled.The Plumbium Albatross: The hull has now been filledThe Plumbium Albatross: The hull has now been filledThe Plumbium Albatross: The hull has now been shappedThe Plumbium Albatross: The hull has now been shappedThe Plumbium Albatross: Complete at last!The Plumbium Albatross: Complete at last!


I have to hand it to you, it is quite cool!

Should call it the Plumbian

Should call it the Plumbian Alebeertross

the albertross

dood! loving it!! came out sweet!