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so, if you've paid! organise with me to pick them up or if i can ill drop them off to you, we'll sort something out any way. If you havent... organise to PAY ME ( or owen the treasurer) and then you'll receive one.. 


do it now ! 

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Yes-yes!Pay--pay me

Yes-yes!Pay--pay me many-many warp-tokens man-things!

Can you hold on to mine

Can you hold on to mine until the club starts up again?

I have a shirt,

and I can 100% say that I think they are a quality garment and would look great beneath a tux with a white bow-tie for any award ceremony or similar evening event that you may have to attend.

Getting married? Why not save money and outfit the whole bridal party (including the bride!). You could not look better for less! 

a FREINDLY reminder

... ok so.. i have all the shirts in a big sack ( seriously)  which i can wander around with like santa.. SO  get your shirts b4 christmas so that the sack doesnt make me just look odd...    nah seriously just let me know what you'd like..  worst case scenario you get them when the club starts up and you miss out on wearing them around in summer..


to all you cancon goers..  hastle me sometime b4 it if you want your shirts...  


and remember 32 bucks to the club ( me or owen) b4 you get one !! ( theyre so worth it though!)