Selling Terrain

Ok, so my GF and I got approved for a rental place in St Kilda the other day, os I'm moving and I decided to sell all my old terrain for it will take up too much space. I thought of donating it to the club, but it was quite frankly crap, used inferior materials, was based on corugated card-board (yuk), had flock (actual flock- the saw-dust stuff, yuk also, compared to staic grass anyway), tried to pass bare polystyrene off as a trock texture, etc... Besides, the club currently has too much terrain and not enough space- I wasn't going to suggest using up more space for terrain that was crap.

Now I did thinkof keeping it just for old times sake, to remind me of when my outlook on gaming was a lot different to it is now (if you though I was beardy/cheap/cheating now, you should have seen me back then- well, I didnt' cheat so much then), but I decided that I have access to enough terrain at the club, and it was too bulky for the use I would get from it. And I still have my first orc army to remind me of that (for those of you that don't know, I'm starting a new O&G army- the blue and purple one)

So I stuck it on Ebay, in 4 lots (Rivers, desert, Buildings and 'Natural') each for a dollar, and so far I have them all bid on, one doing for $7.5 and another going for $10.5. I never thought it woudl go for anythign like that, and this is more than 24 hrs before the auction ends! So far that's $20 in my pocket, and I'm sure it'll go more than that. Now I just gotta work out how to ship it, I'm thinking just boxes flled with foam beads in the post.

Oh, by the by Pete, my new place is so ridiculously close to your place. It would take no more than 2 mins to walk it. walk out your door, turn right, left at alma road, cross over hotham street and you're outside the front door. 2 minutes max. Come over and LAN whenever you want (I just need my switch back). 

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People will pay ridiculaour

People will pay ridiculaour amounts for terrain. I had an item start at $16.50, and go up to $44. Of course, people are fickle, and there are many times when I have put up truely awesome terrain at bargin pirces only to have it not sell (The blood river and the new town houses being examples)

All is proceeding as planned...

Such a pity that the river of blood didn't sell and the club had to relucantly accept it instead. Bidders being scared off by violent threats from burly thugs wearing HGC shirts was of course totally unrelated. :)

It is now a reality

Now burly men making threats in HGC t-shirts is a reality. Call noaksey if you are not yet burly, or at least not sporting a shiney new HGC T-Shirt (and failed to notice his dedicated thread).

Total is up to $39 now, and with 13 hrs to go!