Questions about terrain makin' and plea for bits

Im considering making up a standard 48"/72" board for the back room of my house over christmas.

 Ill probably go with something akin the necro board, but simply split in half rather than quarters. I was wondering about what sort of stuff i should invest in to make this sucker. The board will specifically be for my feral orks. So a lot of orky buildings(enough to be used as a cityfight board if need be) as well as a bunch of jungle trees, objective markers and other gubbins.


So with this in mind, hampton terrain lords, give me ideas! 


Im also looking for ogre/orc hand weapons for my feral boys, so if youve got any lying around ill be glad to nab them~!




cheers guys,



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Hey Ben There is a complete

Hey Ben

There is a complete write-up, (including random speculations about making more boards) of the construction of Slime Pit Harbor on my website ( It's under the 40K section.

Basically, that one consisted of 2 foot square sections of 6mm MDF with 30mm polystyrene sheet glued onto them. I used standard polystyrene becasue I did not know where to get the high density stuff. This means it's a lot more fragile. You should check out Solid Solutions (you'll have to look them up in the phone book, they're somewhere in brighton or bentliegh from memory), which is where we got the polystyrene for the cave boards. It costs more, but it is hard core. If you want to go with low density - it is cheaper, but not all that much - you can get it from Handworks on Chapel Street. 

One thing I regret not doing is re-inforcing the edges of each baord with wood, rather than just letting the polystyrene run all the way to the edge.

As to the making of feral ork buildings, I guess it depends on how you think feral orks live. There was a decent articel on making Ork terrain in October(?) issue of WD. If you think they're more likely to live in huts and tents like Fantasy orks, November WD has an article on making Night Goblin terrain (whihc isn't great) and there's some stuff on making fnatasy ork terrain on my site.

And of course, you could just go read Terragenesis ( which is without doubt the greatest site on the subject every written by man or beast.

Oh, and I need all my Ogre hand weapons. Sorry. 


Drew's Bits

Good method I saw for making orcs huts (orc, not ork) was to get a pringles tube, cut it into 3 or 4 bits (each one becoming a hut). Cut some appropriately sized semi-circles of card and fold into cones, which are attatched to the top for the roof. Then cover the whole thing in filler/spackle/similar and score it so that the lines are all vertical on the sides and run radially on the roof. Now just spray it black, then drybrush it to be straw colour and you have a straw hut. 

My discription didn't include a door, but I'm sure that you could improvise on of those. As for jungle trees, my oly advice is to not use the plastic Citadel ones. While then look cool, they're virtually impossible to not break. I'd go along the same path as those flat bases of aquarium plants that pete made. They're very practical but look cool (probably better than the jungle terrain).


Jungle trees

If you do want to make any of those jungle trees, the best places I've found to get the foliage are $2 shops. The fake plastic flowers they sell are pretty handy - strip the leaves off, hot glue clumps of them down and they make instant jungles. Not quite sure what to do with the flowers, but you could make some kind of trippy giant rose garden or something, I suppose.

Apart from the flowers, I got a fake bonsai tree that looked good in the middle of a jungle base and a huge mass of vile fake vine that you could probably make several square feet of undergrowth out of. I don't know what kind of person would actually be fooled by this stuff, but it does look decent if you make terrain out of it. :)