The "Four"

Just thinking about 'the four' that we will be submitting to the Vagabonds for ConVic.
Candidates for number four (assuming that the top three are (no specific order there) Greg, Ben and Pete) are (I'm pretty much rating everyone relative to myself here, as I know the most about myself and hence make a good benchmark for myself. Again, no specific order):

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Me: Fairly poor tournament history, but relatively high experience. Has played very few gmaes against himself. Doesn't usually take very balanced/good armies.

Dene : As far as I know, less tournament history than myself but a better standing at all the ones we have both played at. We play fairly often and have a fairly even record. Good tournament army, quite balanced.

Max (Playing, yes?) : Better tournament history than myself, but much less tournament experience. Wins most battles we play against each other. His only army is considered cheesy and would rate poorly. Would need to borrow an army (hehe- only a little spite in there).

Sam : *Slightly* less tournament experience than myself, but a *much* higher avarage ranking, as well as winning most of the games he plays against me. Good, solid tournament army. May not be in Melbourne, which would be a considerable hurdle. Not currently signed up.

Sean : Player with much more experience than me. Pretty armies. Apparently doesn't rank so well at tournaments. I have played him once and los (assuming this is the same sean I'm thinking of).

Aaron : Good player, with plenty of history and experience. Nice, solid army, far less cheesy than it could be.Wins slightly more games than he loses against me.

Chris Cousins: Player with more tournament history than myself. I have played against him twice (both in a tourney) and won both times, but two games isn't a lot to go off. Not a consistent member of the club, so if included, may be viewed as 'dodgy' (no personal objection, just thinking of appearences).

Stephen: I know very little about his tournament histroy. I beleive he has beaten me on most occasions, but all over 18 months ago, and as such he has very little experience with the 7th ed rules. His army has some 'interesting' scratch-builds.

Ben Leopold: For his age, a strong history in tournaments, has won awards for best 'young blood' (or equivalent). Fairly even win history against me. Usually ranks higher in tournaments than I do.


I hope I've covered everyone there. I tried to be as objective as possible, as that is how we need to view this. Pitty we can only choose four really. I'm not really fussed if I get chosen in the four, but I'll be happy to do it (and ditch the Law Daemons if needed) if asked.

And even if the club funded it, I wouldn't have time to build daemon chariots or heavy cav, so don't even suggest it.



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Max is borrowing my Orcs.

Max is borrowing my Orcs. Just thought I would throw a spanner in your carefully thought-out and inconclusive ponderings...


On the wargamerau forums Dino is listed as a player, with a '*' next to his name. I don't know what this means though, and he's not on the list on the vagabonds site.

And I discovered that I only need 40% on these exams to pass! That's 10% less study that I have to do

The Vagabonds had initially

The Vagabonds had initially placed a black mark next to Dino - they didn't want him to enter. This was largely based on exaggerated and unflattering rumours that have circulated in the past regarding his playing style and competitive nature. This is not really all that unusual, given that people often take a disliking to someone who beats them soundly - but most people don't sink to the level of slagging them off on internet forums.

Anyway, this has since been cleared up and the black mark has been lifted, however when I last checked Dino did not intend to take part. I think (rather understandably) he didn't feel welcome.

Otherwise Dino would obviously be in this mysterious "Four". 


Well indeed, that does make my ponderings less valid.
Sam seems likely to go it, but if not, we need a fourth by friday.

Lets have a vote of people who aren't up for selection. Place votes by tomorrow night or something. I dunnot.
Maybe make greg decide. He is the 'leader' afterall. So awkward!


Lets roll a dice for this

Lets roll a dice for this 'leadership test' highest score goes in, on 3 dice of cause


It'd work, but then we're not getting the best choice for our four.
Are you in or not dude?



Dom's post on wargamerau says they're full. Can still que up incase people pull out though. 

That's one down.

Well, that makes things slightly narrower. Lets not rely on someone pullig out.

"His army has some 'interesting' scratch-builds."

If Steven's Terradons enter and don't win some kind of modelling award, there's something very wrong.

A very random suggestion.

In line with Brew's objective ranking of everyone, I now hereby present my own tournament over view thing (okay, so I can't enter anyway, but here it is.)

Has a fairly nice looking army. Only one tournament, went better than expected. Wins about four games of Warhammer a year, and has not won any this year, so may get lucky. Likely to lower the team average considerably. Probably not the best man to inlcude, even if he does have a zepplin.



Well if Dino doesn't want to attend perhaps we can talk to Dom about replacing him with one of our players EG: Sam. To be honest out of the people mentioned I would put Sam as the best player, Leopold and Max are ok but have never played in a ConVic level tournament before.

And the answer is...

Sam has managed to enter Convic and by popular vote he will be the final player in The Four.


A fine choice.
(In case you didnt' get that from my first post, Sam was my first choice, just didn't want to rely on him not being there).
I think that's the best four we could have chosen.


It also means I now have no chance of making 'the four', which means I can definitely take my rubbish army without fear of letting anyone down. (cept myself, but I always enjoy a laugh).


So what's the deal now, do we have to throw games against the four? Haha!  

You might make "The Four"

You might make "The Four" next year Drew, but i'll be back and trying to claim my spot with a vengeance!

Doubt it

Like I said, I wasn't really that concerned with making the four. More concernred with picking the best four. I'm not trying to convince anyone that I'm one of the top four players in the club.

Good. Because I am clearly

Good. Because I am clearly the top four player at the club. All four of them. Yes...


"Oh my god, that little boy is playing four games ofWarhammer at once!"




"Checkmate" (or at least the Warhammer equivalent of checkmate).