So funny...

I dare somebody to go bid on this item. Personaly I don't want to waste my money.

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Yarg! It burns! It

Yarg! It burns! It burns!

... hang on a minute... that's not such a bad idea. I could buy it, and burn it. 

"Returns can be made only

"Returns can be made only when the item does not work as described."

I'm tempted to buy it and return it on the grounds that, since it's Windows, it will never work as described. :)

Speaking of returns on ebay...

So I bough a CG controller on Ebay for $19- $1 actual cost, $18 shipping. Then there's a note saying that if the product is faulty, they will give a full refund minus for the cost of shipping. Not so bad if the object had cost a few hundred dollars, but when the postage is 18 times greater than the actual item cost, it means you'll get nothing back... Lets home it works.


Such a dodgy way to make their products look cheaper... 


hey they sucker'd you into

hey they sucker'd you into buying it didnt they!


Yeah, but I havn't found it to be faulty yet. I'm just saying that in general it's a pretty shitty way to conduct business.
Imagine if Dell did that: buy a laptop for only $2! Postage is $2000, but if you find anythign wrong with it, you'll get your money back (except postage).


Spam scam spam scam

A friend might've been scammed out of $600 on eBay. He was buying an LCD tv off some guy, spoke to him over the phone once, on messenger a couple of times, sent the money then never saw the guy or the tv again. Don't think there is any way he can (or can be bothered) getting his money back... Free postage though! 

THat sucks

Indeed. At first I thought you said you'd been scammed. That really does suck...