Hampton 40k'ers at ][con '06!

][con 06 was yesterday (sunday 3rd dec), and 4 of our Hampton 40k players attended (including myself)

It is a team tourny, with two players each with 888pt armies making up a side.

Our two teams were "Team FREEM" including myself and Garrat, and "Poetic Justice" with Danny and Steve.

Our armies were: my feral orks(with the big squiggy) and necrons, and Danny's tau and Steve's new eldar.


There were 26 teams, so 52 players, and 4 games, held at the Ringwood club. This is the second year ive attended ][con and its as awesome as ever, awesome terrain(including swamp, snow, desert and 'savanna' boards...and a fully magnetised cityfight board!), some rockhard players and plenty of memorable games.


Overall Danny and Steve placed 24th out of 26 due to some unlucky missions(tau in nightfight vs a nid list with 40 hormagaunts and 16" deployment anyone?!). Garrat and I unexpectedly placed 8th overall out of 26, and I won best painted! Score! The prize was a nurgle DP.



Anyway, heres some pics of the big squiggy that no doubt got me best painted.






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Nice one dude!

Nice one dude!

And how the hell do you pronounce ][con? "Close square bracket, open square brackety Con"?

 And clearly, I need to build a bigger squiggoth now! Curse you for out-squiggothing me! Ah well, atleast I have the mihgtiest WFB squiggoth at club... and possibly in Australia...



congrats man!!! a well deserved win !!also gime a heads up next year on icon and ill be there with bells on( and power armour.. or else tank armour.. depending on what army i guess hehe)


also... how the hell does a fully magnetised city fight board work?  and also.. night fight nids 16 inches away...= bullshit 


'Sif you wern't gonna win man. Awesome job, though not really unexpected!

Hehe- probably very diplomatic of you to spell 'kuntry' with a K rather than a C. 


Well done guys, I had no idea we had a contingent over there!