RE: Rant on old miniatures

Owen, I can understand your displeasure regarding the mis-matched Miners, even if I do like the old guys better. It's possible we can work something out, if you like. I have 2 BFSP box sets-worth, and I would prefer to own a unit of the old metal ones.

 But 1994 is not, by standard calculations, 16 years ago. Not yet, anyway...

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I'm not against the old

I'm not against the old miners per se, like I said. It just seems a little arrogant of GW to expect us to still buy models from 1994.

I don't actually need any more miners, I have a fiendish plan to cover that. I was merely using them as an example (Like you and the Steam Tank) 

As to the 16 years, well, now you know why I am qualifed to teach Media and English, not maths. (actually, I realised I had it wrong about two hours after I wrote it...)


Abaddon would have to be close to the same age as the miners. I think that he is a great miniature, still one of my favourites.

He can't be replaced!