Hamptonites at Arcanacon 07

Well Arc was on the australiaday long weekend, myself and garrat representing hamton there at the 40k tourny.



There was 139 players, biggest tourny in this country!

The rundown:

Garrat took necrons, myself feral orks. 

I attended 'the longest table' event on friday, which is basically a 26 foot table of death! with the forces of order pitted against the forces of disorder in a huge bloodbath. I managed to get the award for 'best disorder general' with the most victory points, aswell as 'best painted disorder army'.

The main tourny spanned the saturday and sunday, 6 rounds, very crazy missions (like exploding objectives and forcefields!). Out of the 139 players Garrat came in at a respectable 35th with his 'porting necrons of doom.

Crazily enough i came 5th!! And i won 'funkiest monstrous creature'! (racked up $145 worth of GW vouchers for prizes)





Very cool tourny, some insane armies and whole lotta fun! 

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Oh yeah.     I was the

Oh yeah.



I was the highest placed ork general, so i won....this:


Well that's kinda... big.

Well that's kinda... big. How much does the damn thing way? And what is more, what happens if you had to take a plane home? Would they arrest you as a terrorist or what?

Anywayz, well done dood! 

well i DID write a nice long

well i DID write a nice long congrats post.. but it seems to have disapeard... so congrats man!! very nice work to the both of ya!


also that gun fucking ROCKS!!!  man so cool... im so coming next year.. but do they accept armour'd comp?  cause thats what id like to be using!! but i know alot of ppl dont realy like the armoured comp 

Yeah man they allow armoured

Yeah man they allow armoured companies, i think there were two playing this year.



Il probably bring the shoota to the first club meet this year..

Not liek you owen

Not like you, owen, to make such a spelling mistake as 'way'.
Ah well...

Yeah, good work guys, nice to see us being represented up there. I must try and get to a 40k tourney at some stage...

Congratulations! Impressive

Congratulations! Impressive placing, and an equally impressive gun. The Squiggoth is a worthy recipient for the funkiness award - I'm assuming that's what won it, unless you've made something even funkier recently (!).

Yeah, i was at Arc too...but

Yeah, i was at Arc too...but i wasnt with HGC then....so yeah lol.


And yeah, i shoulda brought my AC...gotta love the tank brigades.