HGC Terrain Wish List

Here is a place to post any piece of terrain you think the club needs for the eventual attention of cunning artisans and skilled craftsmen.

Post any pictures and links required to support your insane requests as well.

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My demands

Here are the things I can think of, in no particular order...

For the caves:

More open sections, potentially on larger than 1x1 foot sections

"Civilised" Dwarf sections (paving stones, pillars (potentially movable), doors, throneroom (galleries?), mine-workings etc, plus joiners to merge with rough areas. Potentially movable objects to make rough areas look like degraded civilised ones

External wall where above-ground meets caves

Chasm/lava river and suitable bridge

More independent rocky outcrops, stalagmites etc that can be used to narrow sections or break up open areas. Collapses to block open passages


Snow terrain, compatible with brown. Make use of the 1768098564542536 trees from Myer :-P

Mountain pass walls. Rocky sections for the table edges to make narrow sections. Also compatible with castle walls so they can be raised to make them more imposing - stand out as an interior wall over an external wall at a lower height.

High elf towers / gate for mountain pass battles

Bugman's brewery, walls, outbuildings etc

Good Laugh

I'd like to see a Christmas Themed table.
Like, santa's workshop, reindeer, candy-cane forrests, etc...

That'd be hillarious. Maybe I'll do that myself.

I've come close to making

I've come close to making one - I have some of Reaper's excellent chaos snow men...