ohhh my... no warmachine or hordes

Hey all,

I'm from Outpost Gaming Club in beaconsfeild, ive been gaming for three years now, and reside in upper beaconsfeild. However, my dad doeslive in Hampton, so i thought i'd sign up and comedown when i can.

Well, as this topic is named, There is no warmachine in this club. I will happily introduce warmachine to the club should you guys approve.

For those that dont know what warmachine is, it is a fast paced wargame made by Privateer Press, a large american wargames company. It is a Steampunk themed game, strongly enjoyed by gamers world wide. 9-tonne constructs of iron and steel clash, known as Warjacks, led by Magical and Ledgendy Warcasters. Check out Privateer's website to get an idea of what im talking about.


Simon Harman

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G'Day Simon, Cheers for

G'Day Simon,

Cheers for the offer. I know there are a couple of people at our club who may be interested in playing with you. However, they've tried to play it at Hampton a bit already, and it didn't generate much interest. We even had a bunch of guys play a regular campaign for a while, but they have since left. 

One or two people may be interested in a game, but I don't think it'd take off long-term or large scale.

heya, Firstly, i have to


Firstly, i have to say there is only really one thing that bugs me and that is people speaking for the masses. Now that is said....

In regards to warmachine/hordes, i honestkly have been itching to play on a weekly basis and i currently have about 50 points of Cryx ready to be played and used if your willing. 

i have bought the MKII rulebook and been needing/wanting an excuss to buy the army book and card deck to actually start playing.

If you are willing, feel free to add me to MSN or message back here or even PM me on www.wargamerau.com under the alias (sic).

Anyway, i will play you if your up for it.


Hi I have yet to come down

Hi I have yet to come down but now that I have moved in I be down with the next two weeks.  I play warmachine so would be happy for a game.  I have 4 armies so can show anyone interested how to play as well if people are interested.

Dwarves, retribution (angry elves), pirates and circle (think big angry wear wolves).


heya mate, 

When you get a chance, come down, however, try and PM me on Wargamerau.com (alias (sic) ) prior to coming to let me know so i can bring my army down.



Matt (Oxymoron) has made

Matt (Oxymoron) has made mighty oaths to let me try out his Warmachine stuff this weekend which will lead to me deciding whether or not I want to get in on it.

Being a sucker for shiny new minis it's almost a forgone conclusion anyway...

But it will mean mroe Warmachinists (and by extension, Warmachine specific terrain because I can't play a game on the wrong terrain - it offends my terranicidal sensitivities.)