Word has it that we might be playing some Necromunda again soon (possibly starting this Saturday or the one after, not sure). Nothing's particularly concrete yet, but it'll probably be similar to last time as far as house rules and campaign style go. The details will (hopefully) be sorted out on Saturday.

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Necromunda rules

These are the house rules we've been using for Necromunda, updated for the new version of the rules. (They're mainly the same as before.) There are also some links to the online rulebooks and Q&As.


Useful Links

Notable Rules Changes

See the links above for full details.

  • Frag grenades now use the large (ordnance) blast marker.
  • You can now trade one rare trade roll for one non-house weapon purchase, instead of trading all you rare trade rolls for one non-house weapon purchase.
  • Voluntary bottling is now possible from 25% casualties rather than two members down/out.
  • You can't use parries to force the same attack dice to be rerolled more than once.
  • You can jump down up to 3" safely by passing an Initiative test.
  • House weapon lists fixed/made a bit more sensible.
  • Hand flamers can't be used in HtH.

House Rules

  • All optional 'advanced' rules are being used.
  • Only detected targets can be charged (ie visible or within spotting distance), but chargers have a 360 degree arc of sight for the purposes of determining what targets are visible to charge.
  • Autoguns have +2 to hit at short range rather than +1, but have a short range of 0-8" (long range is 8"-24").
  • The Monster roll table from the Scavengers scenario is changed to the following:
    1-3: The enemy model furthest from its friends is attacked by a Giant Rat. The Rat counts as charging and fights until it or the ganger is out of action, then scuttles off (remove from play).
    4-6: The enemy model furthest from its friends is attacked by a Plague Zombie. The Zombie counts as charging and fights until it or the ganger is out of action, then shambles off (remove from play).
  • The ‘no running within 8” of a visible enemy’ rule is not used.
  • Shooting no longer has to be at the closest target; any enemy model can be targeted. However, if any enemy models are in groups with less than 2” between models (ie in 40K squad coherency), only the closest model in the group may be shot at. If the closest model in a group is harder to hit than a further target, the further target may be shot at (as per the normal Necromunda targeting rules). Models with Marksman ignore this restriction. Psychic powers may be targeted at any group, but must target the nearest member of the group.
  • The Disarm skill doesn't permanently destroy weapons. Disarmed weapons are unusable for the rest of the game but are assumed to be repaired in time for the next game.
  • Ratskins are only immune to the negative effects of Treacherous Conditions (so they could run and hide if a 'Long Shadows' result was rolled, for example).
  • The 'Pit of Despair' result on the Treacherous Conditions table is replaced by:
    Roll twice on the Treacherous Conditions table and apply both results.
  • The Hatred Ld bonus only applies when in HtH with a hated enemy, and cannot be used for Bottle tests.
  • Plasma pistols don't have Sustained Fire: 1 dice on high power. This has changed from the last time we played - the plasma pistol stats in the current version of the rulebook are apparently correct (ie longer range on low power but no Sustained Fire).
  • Plasma pistols can be used on high power in HtH, but can only score one hit; any other hits with the plasma pistol are wasted. The pistol still takes a turn to recharge.
  • All miniatures must have the correct weapons modelled on. Holsters may contain any kind of pistol, and grenades are assumed to be carried in bags or pockets. You may not claim that you keep the pistol inside your coat (even if you are a Delaque). It isn't as important to have other equipment modelled on (grav chutes, armour, etc, doesn't have to be modelled), but all weapons must be present and correct. Exception: models may show weapons they don't currently have but are going to buy in the near future. For example, if your leader has a plasma gun and it's not on your House weapon list, you can still use the model as long as you buy the plasma gun ASAP.
  • Models used in this campaign must be evidently linked to a house. Please don't just grab a random bunch of 40K models and claim they're a gang - please make an effort to have them look like a Necromundan gang. You may use converted miniatures from other lines, but they must obviously be from a house or gang. (Eg. Imperial Preachers as Redemptionists, Storm Troopers as Van Saars in carapace armour, Repentia as Eschers etc.) As long as you've put some effort in and they at least vaguely look the part, nobody will have a problem.
  • Appropriately painted models be used. We do not mind unfinished models, but please try to make some progress towards painting them. Exceptions made if you physically can't paint your models (ie your primary hand is in a cast and you can't hold a brush).
  • Bounty Hunters may have up to two knives, no more.
  • As this campaign is to take place inside the hive, no vehicles or beasts may be used.
  • See 2005 Rules Review Q&A (link above) for wounding hit XP limits.