New to Gaming Clubs and Fantasy!

Hey there guys,

                     I've been doing the hobby for 7 months. The only games I've ever played are at Games Nights in Gamesworkshop Chaddy, so I'm looking to game with people closer to my age (20) and who will let me use miniatures from other systems converted into GW armies. I started with 40k so I've got my head round that nice and proper. But I've just started Fantasy with the new edition and I'm a total noob who needs to be taught the ropes.  

 So literally every Saturday from 12-6? If so I'll come down tomorrow and have a game!

 Oh and my names Patrick by the way


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Hey Patrick, we're all very

Hey Patrick,

we're all very easy about what miniatures to use. We couldn't care less which company's miniatures you use, and a lot of the time people use proxies anyway!
Yes, we play every Saturday, except if there is a tournament on or it's  January. I'd love to give you a game, but I won't be there for the next few meets. That said, there will certainly be someone to give you a game or show you a bit of 8th ed.
Anyway, hope you do come down and have a few games- we always ove to get a new player!

My name is Drew- see you in a few weeks!

Further more, it is free the

Further more, it is free the first time, so if your freaked out by our bizzare antics or strangely allergic to muchroom forests, ogre whale riders, gobbo pogo-stikkers and chicken riders or REALLY old school chaos dwarves, then all you will have wasted is time!

 We also have a tendency to end up playing some sort of strategic boardgame at some point in the day, depending on what crazy thing someone has purchased recently.