Newbie In Melbourne Looking For Help

Dear Hampton Club Members

 I have just transfered to Melbourne and I am looking for new gaming club.  I come from Perth and play warhammer/warmachine.

 From the maps I have looked at Hampton Games Club looks like one of the closest to where I live in Bentleigh east.

 So in about 2-3 weeks my moves should be complete so I will try to get down to see the club.

 I am a big warhammer fan, like the tornament scene and I am hoping the Melbourne tornament scene is good.


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Great! We run very

We run very regularly, except over the summer, and when there is an event on. I come from McKinnon, which isn't too far from Bentleigh E, although I catch the train then ride my bike. Still, not a long way, particularly if you're driving. Come on down and have a look- we love getting new people in. It's pretty casual- you can come and go as you please.


Hi all   Moved in now but

Hi all


Moved in now but I ended up in Burwood East which is only about 25 minute drive so I head down in the next two weeks.  How can I organise a game of warhammer?

Most have us have got an

Most have us have got an army at the moment and are keen to play 8th ed, so if you just come down you'd be sure to get a game. We'll be running from 12 for the next two weeks for sure.
We also have a tournament in about two months, so if you'd like to get involved it's a good way to meet people.
We're playing games of around 2500 points at the moment, so if you bring an army of that size, you could just straight in. If you can't must that many points, someone would be happy to give you a smaller game.

Ok thanks a lot.  I cant

Ok thanks a lot.  I cant make this week as I am going to the GW double tornament.  However I bring an army down the following week for a game.  2500 point not problem can do a lot higher.  As I said I am a warhammer nut and have an average of 4000 points for the following armies.

 WOC, vampires, Lizards, Dark elves, Daemons, tomb kings and dwarves.

And when the new boxed set comes out I can see myself with High elves and skaven.  It helps a lot to have a lovely wife who also plays and paints (even better when she paints well).

How does membership work?


Membership is simple mate, turn up, pay $5 each time you do. Sorted. First time you rock up is free.