Photographing armies

Hey guys,  just a thought. I'll be bringing my camera this week to club, so we can take some nice pics of people's armies displayed in all thier glory amongst suitable terrain. So if you want pics of your army up on the site, bring it along. Hell, do some repairs, knock your self out. I'll try to get good shots of games in porgress etc. as well.

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hey follow this link to

hey follow this link to learn how to take actual decent non blury detailed shots of models and armies

I Know how to take decent,

I Know how to take decent, non-blurry shots of minis and armies, it's just my camera that doesn't! As we all know, my camera is primarily a Video camera, not a still camera, so it does things differently. Net result, it needs more light, and it can't get quite as close. Plus it does not have shack reduction in still mode.

In regards to player

In regards to player profiles i suggest we make a week where we can do the photographing at club, prefurable the short week? i know i can get 2 hallogen lamps and an extension cord/ power bords ect, maybe worth doing up some terain that suits the varying army bases around? so it looks all nice. Thinking this would be usefull to do so people have some photos that can be posted in their profiles. I myself would want to say take a photo of my 2k pt liz men army my liz men army with every model thats painted well (ish) and maybe one or two of my fave panted models ( slann/ stegadon and shaman conversion) With all this in mind, it might be an idea for pete to start an information topic in regards to posting and making own content more specificly how to make links to pictures in ur profile so they open up in a seperate browser window. ( maybe keep this forum restricted axcess so pointless shit dosent get posted over it, can we do stickies with this forum service? um thats about my rant.

A wise plan, oh Samwise. I

A wise plan, oh Samwise.

I think the next short week is next week (20th June), so that might not give people time to prepare. I've got a decent tripod, and I do have access to a couple of good SLR 35mm film cameras (with all the enourmous lenses etc), but unfortunalty I don't have access to any high end digital.  

As to terrain - What do people want done up/completed? I'm about to go on semester break, So i should have time for repairs, and more chaos terrain. 

Good idea. I'll try and put

Good idea. I'll try and put together some content creation instructions/tips/etc. Shouldn't be too hard to have them only show up for people who are actually able to create content, so they won't clutter the site for everybody else.


Uh Guys, me and Ben (leopold) kinda have a combined high elf army, in that we lend each other stuff and it was all painted by me, so do you guys mind if I use the my cavalry army that consists of both mine and bens miniatures for my player profile?

I dont see why its a

I dont see why its a problem, i dont see why u even need to ask. Every one will have controll over their own profiles. personaly i would only realy want stuff thats mine painted by me and gamed by me most of the time to be under my profile.