HGC colours

ok heres the deal, i need everyone who reads this to list the 2 colours they think would work well for the hgc... i need a base colour and a trim colour.. this is mostly for the purposes of polo shirts, but yeh maybe for other stuff, id like to have everyones opinions and likes and dislikes before any decision is made. thanx! ( i reserve the right to disregard all your thoughts none the less hehe)

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im thinkin navy blue with

im thinkin navy blue with yellow/gold trim, light blue could work for the dice if we want them


Tentacle pink with Liche

Tentacle pink with Liche Purple! Goblin green with Nauseating blue! Bubonic Brown with Imperial purple!

er... now, serieously... Maybe Black with Red or silver/grey, or navy blue with silver/grey.

Or... Rotting Flesh with Blazing orange!

Dark blue is pretty hard to

Dark blue is pretty hard to go wrong with, but I think another club might already have dark blue shirts. Dark grey with some other colour, maybe?


I liekd the old colour scheme of black and red...

ok so dark blue seems to be

ok so dark blue seems to be it, its the colour i like too.. i dont htink it will matter that another club is using it seeing as ive never seen any other club shirts out n about... but ill look into it, light blue could work or perhaps a grey to go with it

In my opinion...

I suppose dark blue might be OK, but it is kind of dull. Christie agrees, and suggests a base colour of either burgundy or forest green, preferably with gold trim. Alternatively, Hawk Turquoise is an old favourite...

Dark blue with orange trim

Dark blue with orange trim looks suprisingly good (or vice versa). I saw a primary school uniform like that and it looked fantastic.

In Fact...

In fact I would say that (if you wanted colours that stand out above the rest, without looking totaly crazy) then making orange the base colour with blue as the trim colour.

Anyway, ive had my say, ill shut up now.


Shirt Colours

Navy Blue and gold seems to work fairly well, I wouldnt mind wearing it at all.

Hey James, those wouldn't be the colours you painted your slayers in would it?