Pete, I'm not sure if you designed this forum yourself or used a pre-made one, but maybe you should get it to include the naem of the person who started the article once you've clicked on it and read it. At the moment, it only displays that name on the list of topics.

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This is the forum system

This is the forum system that comes built into Drupal. It's definitely nothing amazing, but we figured that for what we wanted (ie a pretty basic forum) it wasn't worth setting up something like phpBB. I'll see what I can do about the initial author not showing up, but I wouldn't hold your breath. :)

Message order

I think the order in which the messages are displayed in  a thread is a little confusing. I think it's because you are given the option of "post new comment" and "reply", and it places it differently depending on your choice. Anyway, I find it confusing because the messages are not in chronological order, and I'm probably not the only one. Could we disable one of the options or something to prevent this?

Message ordering

How's this? The posts should be in chronological order rather than reverse chronological now. Replies are sorted in the same way, but they still appear grouped under the post they're a reply to, so the lists of comments as a whole isn't strictly sorted chronologically. It should make more sense now, hopefully (it was a bit confusing before).

Also, it appears you can

Also, it appears you can only 'reply' to comments, not the orginal forum post. This is a bit odd. Can we make it so that you can either reply, or comment on the original post, or just merge it all into 'reply'?

I've set things up so that

I've set things up so that 'add new comment' gets converted into 'reply'. Things should look more consistent now.