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hey guys, just thought id make suggestions for content on the site, i thought it would be pretty cool if evyerone  put pictures oftheir armys as well as entire write ups of their armies and tactics as "army profiles"  i was also thinkin we should also have pictures of some fully set out ttables of terrain, the caves and the chaose  and desert and the necromunder stuff would all look pretty good, maybe u guys even wanna do a few " how we made this terrain" any way just thinking out aloud 

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We've been discussing doing

We've been discussing doing something very similar to your poropsal about sharing armies and tatics. On the subject of "how we made this terrain," we used to have some stuff about that for the old Bretonnian Vs. Orcs campaign. Unfortunatly it got lost when the website was deleted from the servers, and a back up did not exist.

Explanations of much of the club's terrain can be found at alhough this does not yet cover some of the groovier more recent stuff, like the Chaos terrain.

I'm also wokring on some 'how we made it' sort of stuff at the moment. Looks like the first up will be WFB orc huts (since I have step by step pics) followed by an article briefly explaining the Chaos terrain.

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The only content I can

The only content I can 'make' right now is a forum topic. Is that what had mind, or can you create articles too?



You can create articles on a

You can create articles on a standard user password, you can also post images, and create forum content.