I like the inclusion of the random picture display,I could watch it for ages!
I looked through though, and saw

Lizardmen AJ vs Bretonnians DM.JPG

I beleive the brets depicted here are those of Adam Mitchell, not me. I don't want to be taking credit for his miniatures, and he may take offence, so it shoudl be changed.

Aside, I like the random images. 

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Ooops - I've fixed that. Naming those photos got a bit confusing. First I decided to just use people's initials, since I had about 90 files to rename and I was feeling lazy, but that didn't quite work (ie Aaron Gruneklee and Andrew Goodman). Then I figured that no two people with the same initials would use the same army, but I ran into Andrew McLean - Bretonnians and Adam Mitchell - Bretonnians. Then I thought it'd still be ok, since the odds of two people with the same initials using the same army playing each other were remote, so you could figure out who was who from context.

Lo and behold, Andrew McLean - Bretonnians vs Adam Mitchell - Bretonnians. I probably accidentally changed that image name when I was renaming you to 'DM' instead of 'AM'. Next time I won't be using initials. :) Glad you like the random image-y thing - now we just need more images for it...

there is a lizardmen SW vs

there is a lizardmen SW vs empire DM that is actualy not me its on the 3rd page i think. twas the other liz player


Fixed - if anybody else

Fixed - if anybody else spots any dodgy captions, let me know.

Next time, I am so not doing it: A) this way, and B) at midnight. :)