GROTS, Outpost Tournaments

Those who may have developed a taste for tournaments after the weekend might care to note that there are two smaller (one day) tournaments coming up in Melbourne. One is being run by GROTS (in 2 weeks, I believe), the other by Outpost on Dec 9th. I don't have any details for the GROTS one on hand, however the details for the Outpost one are below:

OUTPOST Tournament Information Pack & Rules  

Tournament Organisers & Contact Details 

Paul Witterick                  0403304684  

Tim Huggins                              0433138272   

Entries & Admission Cost 

Entries are currently limited to 30 players and the admission fee for each player is $20. Payment is preferred in advance, however we will be accepting entries on the day if not sold out before hand, places are limited so it’s strictly a first come-first served endeavour – we won’t be “holding places” only way to hold a place is to pay!  Payments can be made either by paypal, cheque, money order, funds transfer into an account Payments and lists must be received by Friday 24th NovemberContact a TO for payment/account and/or address details.  

Dates & Event Timetable 

TBA – 1500 points, 4 games 

Registration start 0800 – first game starts at 0900

0800 – 0845 open for registration

0900 – 1100 – game 1

1130 – 1330 – game 2

Player’s choice voting

1400 – 1600 – game 3

1630 – 1830 – game 4

1900 - presentations  

Venue Location  

Beaconsfield Community Centre

O'Neil St, Beaconsfield.

Melways ref: 214 B1

Things You Need To Bring With You 

Any gaming material that you require to play, including:·        At least one copy of your army roster that is easily legible and correct.·        Copies of the reference materials used to design the army list (e.g. Army Books, Chronicles, White Dwarf articles etc).·        Rulebook·        Sufficient dice·        Tape or other measuring device·        Pen/pencil·        Templates·        Glue and/or super glue for those emergency repairs  

Army List Rules 

Army lists must be submitted by no later than Friday 24th November 2006. Please ensure your army list is legible and legal. Failure to have a legal list submitted by the due date will incur a 1 pt Battle Point penalty per game played. Email army lists or questions to Tim or Paul. Preferred list format is Army Builder (file 2.x or 3.x). Or else send the list on an Excel or Word file.  

  • Army lists are to be 1500 points.

 Army lists allowed are to include army lists from a current army book released in Australia. If no such army book exists, use a work-in progress list from either the Warhammer Annual/Chronicles or White Dwarf; if released in Australia at least 30 days before the tournament. If no such work-in progress list is available, then use the appropriate list from Ravening Hordes. No ‘Back of the Book’ (BOTB) army lists are allowed. No ‘Special Characters’ allowed. Army lists from the Storm of Chaos book are allowed. Although SOC lists that include a ‘Special Character’ will not be allowed. No army lists where a ‘Special Character’ must be taken will be allowed. Any ‘official rules’ articles/updates to an army (in either White Dwarf or the Warhammer Annual/Chronicles) may be used; if released in Australia at least 30 days before the tournament.  


Tournament Special Rules 

Warhammer Fantasy Battle 7th Edition ruleset. Magic Lores as published in the 7th edition rule book will be used. All models used must be of the appropriate size and type for the troops they represent. Unpainted models will be allowed to be fielded; however this will negatively impact on painting scores (obviously) For the benefit of all players, ‘What You See Is What You Get’ WYSIWYG will be enforced. If players have any doubts about how accurately a miniature represents a troop type, they should consult with the Tournament Organizers prior to the tournament.  


First round draw will be random. Subsequent rounds will be seeded using the ‘Swiss Chess’ system. You will never play the same player twice.  If possible, we will try to avoid matching regular opponents in the first two rounds.  

Game Length 

Each game is allocated 2hrs and players are expected to adhere to this limit. Players are to use the first 15 minutes of each game as a warm up period to do the following: 

  1. Introduce yourself,
  2. Briefly discuss how terrain will affect the game,
  3. Briefly discuss the scenario,
  4. Roll for table sides,
  5. Present your army (and army list) to your opponent,
  6. Mark your opponent’s army for Presentation and Composition, using the score-sheet provided. This marking is to be completed before game play starts and will be collected.

 Players will be given reminders in each round, when there is 30 minutes left for the game, and when there is 10 minutes left for the game. Games will not be allowed to extend into breaks. Stalling tactics will not be tolerated. Players deemed to be deliberately delaying will be warned by the Tournament Organizers, and will then forfeit any subsequent games where they are deemed to be delaying. Terrain will be setup prior to the event.  Terrain is to be kept as deployed; no changes to terrain will be tolerated. 



We have aimed for simple scenarios for each round. All 4 rounds will use the Pitched Battle Scenario from the Warhammer Rulebook (pages 2-3) with alterations as noted. So, unless stated otherwise, follow the Pitched Battle rules for: choosing table sides; who deploys first; take turns deploying units; war machines, characters and scouts deployment rules; etc.  However terrain will be fixed at the commencement of the tournament, there for ignore step 1 pg 2. All 4 rounds use the normal Victory Points (henceforth VPs) rules, unless stated otherwise. Captured standards are worth 50 VPsMagic Standards are worth 100 VPs 

Round 1 – Pitched Battle 

As per scenario in Warhammer basic rule book.  

Round 2 – Pitched Battle 

As per scenario in Warhammer basic rule book.  

Round 3 – Wipe Them Out. All of Them 

The aim is to kill as much of your opponents army as possible.No Victory Points (VPs) for units reduced to below half strength or table quarters. VPs for standards and general as normal.  

Round 4 – Bring me his/her/it’s head!

The enemy general has a price on its head and must die! Killing the enemy general is worth a bonus 250vp (instead of 100).  Army generals hate each other.  

Rules Disputes 

In all cases, where an adequate rule does not exist for a certain situation in a game, use your common sense and the spirit of the rules as your guide to finding a solution. If this still does not work, roll a D6 for it. We will have an independent arbitrator present on the day, but this avenue should be used as a last resort. Where a dispute arises and neither you nor your opponent agrees to a course of action, you may call in the arbitrator for resolution. However, you had better be sure that the rules do not cover the situation, as repeated "calling on the judge" will be frowned upon. The arbitrator's decision is FINAL.   

Zero Tolerance – Cheating, Chipmunking, Sniping 

Anyone found guilty of cheating in the tourney will be removed from the premises. While all players judged components may work quite well, it is susceptible to abuse, such as deliberately marking down or deliberately marking up opponents to gain an unseen advantage. This is commonly referred to as "Chipmunking" or "Sniping" in the broader gaming community. Anyone suspected or caught in the act will most likely be dismissed out of the tourney, as it is a very unpleasant thing to be doing. So in short, be honest, and be fair. Other Tournament Organisers will also be notified and the player in question will be "black listed" from future Outpost tournaments.    

Scoring System 

The maximum score a player can get after 6 games is 100%. This is derived from: 

  • Battle                      4 games x 20 Battle Points = 80 points (modified)


  • Army Presentation    4 games x 7 painting points = 28 points – peer voted


  • Army Composition    4 games x 7 Composition Points = 28 points – peer voted


  • Sportsmanship        4 games x 7 Sportsmanship Points = 28 points – peer voted


 The intent behind the sportsmanship criteria is simply to encourage people to play in a polite and acceptable manner. It simply means playing by the rules without resorting to cheating, sulking and throwing dummy spits. Therefore the system will ensure that people who play nicely get about the same points, but those people who are poor sports will be bit big time in terms of points earned towards the overall standings. Things you may take into consideration: 

  • Was your opponent organised?

Did they have their own gaming supplies (e.g. dice, rules, tape measure, templates etc). Did they play briskly and efficiently, with little time wasting. 

  • Was your game played without rule discrepancies?

There were either no rule discrepancies, or any discrepancies that you had were worked out in a mutually acceptable fashion (asking a Tournament Official for adjudication when you both have a difference is also a fair way of resolving differences). 

  • Did your opponent consistently play in a clear and accurate manner?

They did not use a rubber ruler. They were clear in their actions on the battlefield – declaring their intentions, informing you when they were using specific items, etc. 

  • Did your opponent consistently maintain a positive attitude throughout the course of the game?

When they winning they did not gloat, and when they were losing they did not lose their temper or get disheartened. At the end of each game, players will rate on the score-card provided, one of the following: 


Sportsmanship Comment(s)
7 Points My opponent was a great sport, one of the best games ever!
5 Points My opponent was a good sport, would play them again
3 points My opponent was average, not the best, not the worst
1 Point My opponent was a poor sport – I REALLY! Don’t won’t to play this person again

   To cope with issues about players giving unreasonably good or poor marks due to personal considerations, the Sportsmanship marks will be checked progressively during the tournament for any clear anomalies, and may be adjusted accordingly in consultation with the player who gave the mark. 

Army Composition 

The intent of any composition system is surely to encourage players to take armies that their opponents will find a challenge but are not over the top.  Before each game, players will rate on the score-card provided, one of the following: 


Army Composition Comment(s)
7 Points A very balanced and fair army list that has sacrificed some strength effectiveness for style and fluff.
5 Points The army seems to represent a well-designed tournament list that will place it, hopefully, with the majority of tournament lists.
3 Points A very hard and tuned tournament army that takes advantage of a number of nasty combinations to try and gain a significant upper hand.
1 Point An abusive army list designed to exploit the rules. A Win At All Costs (WAAC) army.

 To cope with issues about players giving unreasonably good or poor marks due to personal considerations, the Composition marks will be checked progressively during the tournament for any clear anomalies, and may be adjusted accordingly in consultation with the player who gave the mark. 

Army Presentation

Army presentation will be judged before each game, the guidelines will be basic following the following scoring system


7 points WOW! This army is great, very well painted, extra effort made with bases, banners and extra details etc – I would LOVE this army!
5 points the army is painted well, looks really good – obviously the player has made an effort
3 points The army is completely painted to an average standard
2 points approximately 50% of the models are painted
0 points The army is unpainted – bare plastic/metal or just undercoated

 We will also be including a players choice prize where players can voted for their favourite armies.  Before round 3, once players have found their table they should set up their armies for display so that players can vote for their favourite army.  


After each game, tally up the Victory Points (VPs) according to the scenario (pg 102 BRB) and compare to the table in the Warhammer Rule book (pg. 103)Determine the number of Battle Points you earn by comparing the result on the following table: 


Draw 10 – 10
Marginal Victory 13-7
Solid Victory 16-4
Massacre 20-0

   You will be given a results score-sheet to fill out for each game. Please ensure the score-card is filled out correctly and that both players have signed off on the results, and then bring it to Tournament Organizer’s desk. 

Prizes & Awards 

The winning categories: 

  • Overall – 1st, 2nd and 3rd

The highest combined score of all categories. Ties decided by Battle, Sportsmanship & Composition and then Army Presentation.  

  • Best Army – determined by TO, in order to share prizes around, 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall cannot win best army as well


  • Sportsmanship & Composition – 1st, 2nd and 3rd

The highest Sportsmanship & Composition score. Ties decided by raw Sportsmanship data, raw Composition data, Battle then Army Presentation. 

  • Lucky Last – for that person who’s day just didn’t go well!


All tournament players will be responsible for their own transportation, storage and due care of their own personages, figures and materials on the day.

( categories: )


Ai, apologies for the hideous formatting of the above post. It looked alright when I stuck it in there...

I have a far more legible copy in Word format if anyone needs it sent to them.

Sounds good...

...but I work on saturday nights, so I'll have to see how I'm going then. Waht day does GROTS fall on?
I don't like how they announced the lucky last prize- that's a little bit exploitable. I was in a position to do that on the weekend, but I honourably didn't try it! Hehe- look at me trying to score brownie points for not being a complete dick.


So I'll make a rubbish army for GROTS and see if I can come last. TeeHeeHee. If i do go, I can probably drive about 2/3 people with me ifpeople want to carpool/can't drive (get a liscence /turn 18 already!). That's if I got. Depends on the Day of the Week. 


GROTS tournament details

GROTS tournament details are as follows (near as I can figure out from the garbled chain of messages on WargamerAU): 

When: Saturday 25th November, 10am – 7pm 

Where: Eltham senior citizens hall (18-19 k2 i think in the melways map) were just behind the CFA building on main st eltham 

What: 1500 Points, 4 Rounds Restrictions: Please note were not going to allow storm of chaos armies as in the past they have provided much pain and misery to their opponents so guys make ur armies tough but not ridiculous as the storm of chaos ones. were encouraging fun and a good time not a miserable day. 

Scoring: 50% Battle points
12.5% on sports
12.5% on comp
12.5% on painting
12.5% on bonus points (provided if u finish at a certain time)

Note unfortunately our favourite ppl in society (politicians) have decided to have a state election on that day so if u guys that are coming please try and pre vote to get it out of the way. 

If you need any other details, try digging through the relevant posts on WargamerAU (

Well i just got back from

Well i just got back from the tournement (had dinenr with friends after), I got a second place which i was pretty happy with, tourney was run well and I'll definetly go again next year.


Haha- you were wrong about comming 1st.
But seriously, well done. I wish I would have joined you, good on ya for going.