yo! ok shirts are nearly done.. the order is ABOUT to be placed! 


they will be 32 bucks each ( i didnt take into account gst last time.. yay tax) 


so id love to start collecting cash this weekend ( so as we can acutally pay for the shirts to be done)

 so ive got sizes.. now ( till sat) will be the LAST CHANCE if u want to put in a size specifically


we hope to have enough surplus large medium and XL's to cover evyerone and some swapping between ppl might have to happen.. but if u want a small or a larger then xl.. get your order in now now now !! 

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I'll get a small one! And I

I'll get a small one! And I have money ^_^

yup got your order =) no

yup got your order =) no worries mate! catch ya on sat!

Due to the strange and

Due to the strange and mysterious Party-centered learning activity (That's what we new teachers call a party) which I am attending, I can't give you money this week. Sorry dude.

Centred Learning

Ed-speak is really annoying. (Do we learn to teach, or teach to learn?)

Ed Theory is really annoying. (Has anyoneheard of the six hats approach to thinking? Blue Hat: What do you think about your thinking?)

I can't remember why I want to be a teacher. No, wait, it's the children I love (in a completely law-abiding way).