shirt sizes

ok so give us your shirt size if you want an HGC shirt. theyre gonna be blue and white and have HGC on the front breast and on the back and will cost 30 bucks a piece ( theyre polo shirts and pretty swanky)


these are the sizes available

S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 5XL

 if you wanna discuss the shirts please start a new topic i just wanna get a good idea of who wants what in here. cheers guys


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Well put my down for an XL,

Well put me down for an XL, when can we expect them?, before next saturday, ben and I are going to a tournament then so it would be good to wear them to that.

 Also how/where do we pay?


A 5XL is going to be

A 5XL is going to be freeking huge (even on me. Fortunatly, I value that in a T-Shirt, so put  me down for one of them. I'm a little wary of the way T-Shirt sizes can vary to a startling degree even across a single brand, so I tend to just go for the biggest by default.


Ill take a medium, that should be about right..


Any idea when theyll be available? 

I'll take a Large, thanks.

I'll take a Large, thanks.

Yeah put me down for a large

Yeah put me down for a large also :)


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I will have an XL thanks.


hey just for evyerones info

hey just for evyerones info a medium will fit me pretty well and im not that small..  but we'll be ordering some extra mediums and large's so evyerone in that zone of things should be able to swap ( might have some extra larger sizes too? )


Well, if a medium fits you pretty well, then I suppose I'll put my hand up for a small - I prefer my t-shirts fitted. Unless it's actually ridiculously tiny...


Well, I'll get a small one in that case.

hey, i havnet seen small..

hey, i havnet seen small.. but i dont think it'll be ridiculously tiny, also christie im gonna ask if theres any comparable coloured girls cuts, but dont hold your breath =)

Ooh, ooh!

I'd like a girls'cut...
Maybe not.