Wartorn - 40K tournament in July

We've been asked to letting people know about a 40K tournament that's on in a few months:

I would like to invite your clubs members to a warhammer 40000 tournament being held in July.

When: July 5th and 6th
What Time: 9am-5pm on both days.
Where: Carwatha Secondary College, Browns Rd, Noble Park
Cost: $30, this will help cover the costs of hall hire and the purchasing of trophies and prizes.

This tournament will be Warhammer 40000 only, 1500points, and play 6 games over two days (similar to Grand Tournament).

There will be 20 tables set up, allowing for 40 players, but we can stretch to potentialy 50 players.

The venue is the current home of Dandenong Wargames And Roleplaying Federation, DWARF, and they are providing the terrain and a canteen on both days.

Currently, All armies are allowed, current codex's only. We don't care about them being fully painted, only that you turn up on the day. WYSIWYG will Apply (What You See Is What You Get). Forge World models are allowed, however, forge world rules and Apocalypse units will not be allowed. If you plan on using chapter approved or FAQ's, please bring them with you.

Payment can be made at a later date, as we still haven't worked out how we will go about it.

If you have any queries, contact me at

or phone me on 0413 805 106 after 4pm (phone not on when at school)

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