Uprising 2008

Hey guys, Uprising is running again in Ballerat this year, and with out Greg going things will probably end up a bit of a shambles as far as accomodation and driving up there is concerned unless we figure something out fairly soonish.

So first off who's planning on or thinking of going, at the moment I know that Ben (leopold) and I will go up, and that Drew and Pete were considering it.

Hopefully if we figure out who's going we can organise accomodation and car pooling so that us young'uns don't have to walk to Ballerat, as enjoyable as that might be.

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Hmmm, I was very keen to go,

Hmmm, I was very keen to go, but I just realised that its on the weekend of my Cousin's wedding.
I tried getting her to postpone, but apparently no one else can make another time...
But seriously, I would have loved to have come, but it jsut won't work
out. Sorry guys. You could always catch the train, it's not *that* bad.
Or hook up with someone from another club. Chris drives...