JD2 tournament report

JudgementDay is a 750pt 40k tournament run out in Altona Meadows, this year myself, Jack, Garrat and Steve all represented Hampton club there.

Painting Marathon

I didnt realise JD2 was a week before I thought it was, so i had to paint prettymuch my whole army in a week. I did get this done, but most of it was the night before the tournament in a crazy paintingfest going untill 5am.

Pictures speak louder than words:

The Morning
Garrat, Steve and I all rose to the land of the living at around 7:30, after about 2 hours of death. Jack got here around 8, freshly beardy from broken hill, and sporting a Melways with the 5 necessary pages missing. Going by me and steve's vague recolection from last year's JD, we made it onto nepean hwy and then promptly got lost. In panic we all combed our phones for Mark's(Bishop) number, thinking "oh yeah, surely ONE of us will have it...". We didnt. We didnt even know the goddamn address of the tourny. Here is where planning things really helps :P

After more screaming and wondering how late we'd be and whether we'd even have enough petrol to get there, I devised a brilliant plan - Basically I just called Piggles from Wau at like 8:30 in the morning and got him to find out Mark's number. We called mark and everything was A-OK (minus us getting lost for a second time, despite knowing exactly how to get there...somehow).

The Battles

My list was:

* Big Mek with mega armour and boosta (in a trukk with rokkit)
* 10 trukkboys inc. nob w/klaw and a burnaboy (in a trukk with rokkit)
* 10 burnaboys w/ 4 burnas and littlemek with KFF (in a trukk with rokkit)
* 8 tankbustas w/nob and 4 rokkits (in a trukk with big shoota)
* looted hellhound

Mission One: "I am the law"
Opponent: Mechanised IG
Result: Loss

A quarter grab basically. I cant remember much from this game...aside from the fact that it was -really- tough. I have decent anti-tank in my list, but they didnt cut it against the IG. His list was basically a deepstriking meltadeath command squad, 2 chimeras with all the cookiecutter standard stuff, each full of stormtroopers, plus another chimera packed with ogryn. I deployed pretty stupidly, and as a result most of my stuff was exploded by turn 3.
Ah well :P

Mission Two: "Global warfare"
Opponent: Orks - Ben JohnsEn
Result: Win

This mission was a nightfight/recon. Ben was running: looted chimera full of tankbustas, boss with claw, a kan, 20 odd sluggas and a squad of 10 trukkers inc. klaw.
Ben deployed his stuff pretty evenly across the board, his sluggas, boss and kan on one side, the trukk hidden behind some trees in the centre and the chimera and bustas on the opposite side. I dumped the smellhound fairly forward to lob flames all over his sluggas, while the rest of the army all huddled in a circle behind some trees.
The game was a lot of fun, his trukkboys gave my hellhound a scare, but then got jumped by my own trukkers and burnas. Unfortunately for ben i was packing 6 flame templates, giving me the edge against his sluggas.
Long story short I had all my trukkmobs unscathed(bar 5 trukkboys), which sped into his deployment 5th and 6th turn, giving me 600 extra vp.

Mission Three: "MDK"
Opponent: Marines - Aaron 'dabigboss'
Result: Win

Assassinate: kill the enemy commander. Also there was a 'funky' backstab rule in play(basically if your commander steps into 8" of your deployment zone your closest unit turns on him/her).
Aaron was running marines with the trait that allows them to have apothacaries in all their squads(crud, that makes the smellhound less than impressive i thought..) Aaron dumped his tac squads along a hill, with his commandsquad and captain down the bottom for a counterassault.
I deployed my hellhound next to some buildings and stuff, hoping to use it like a battering ram since it's inferno cannon would be prettymuch useless. 1st turn i just zipped the hellhound, trukkers and burnas forwards, the tankbustas disembarked from their trukk in some trees.
The hellhound got exploded, and aaron charged his commandsquad forwards trying to bust one of my trukks. Unfortunately he failed to explode it and I counterattacked the commandsquad with both the trukkboys and burnas at once, killing the commandsquad and his captain, giving me a turn 2 win.
Wish I couldve given aaron a better game.....maybe next JD :armata_PDT_01:

Mission Four: "What the?"
Opponent: IG drop troops
Result: Win

Probably my most enjoyable game of the day. The guy was a champ, and even got all the obscure clutch references on my trukks!
The mission had escalation, so not much happened in the first 2 turns. I just dumped all my stuff around the board pretty evenly, waiting for the parachute boys to come down. And goddamn, it was scary when they did. "oh ####, im surrounded" i think were my words. Luckily for me the dice gods were being unkind to my opponent and none of my trukks were destroyed! The rest of the game involved the boys zipping around and eliminating each of his units.
A bit one sided due to his poor rolling on that one all-important turn, but still gave me a new respect for all-drop-troop armies(as opposed to the "oh I just drop this one squad because its conveniant" IG armies)

Mission Five: "Block Party"
Opponent: Aspect-ridden eldar!
Result: Draw

Toughest game of the day for the orkies! pretty teef'n'nail the whole game, looked like a loss for me all untill the last turn, where i somehow managed to whittle down his 4 scoring units(as opposed to my 1) to 1(the goddamn falcon which i shot EVERY turn, and even hit twice with a power klaw[rolled to 1's to glance/pen :armata_PDT_07: ].
He had 1 objective, I had 1 objective, tough arse draw :D

Now some misc pics of blurry trukks!

"er, theyre holed up like a turantula over there.."

trukkies hoon over to score some tasty +150 vp each in recon

dabigboss's speeder spies some stinky orks



At the end of the day I came out 1st overall, and also won 'player's choice best army' to boot!

I guess it just goes to show - sleep deprivation is somehow good for wargaming......or maybe im just the luckiest sucker alive! :P