Tournament report

The Fortunes of a High Elf

Fortunes of War Report - 2008

My army:
Archmage: Ethereal robe, Seerstaff and Dispel Scroll
Mage: Ring of Fury, Silver Wand
Noble: BSB, Sword of Might, Helm of Fortune, Barded Steed
Noble: Lance, Temekadors Gauntlets (+1sv, 5+ward), Barded Steed

19 Spearmen:Full Command
10 Archers

Axemaster 2007 Results

Here are the results for Axemaster 2007. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everybody who entered. We thought everything went pretty smoothly, and hopefully everybody had a good time.

Axemaster - Tales of a Destroyer

Over the past 2 days I played at Axemaster, a tournament run by the Hampton Games Club in my home suburb of Hampton. I used my trusty Tomb Kings with a slightly different list than I normally run, one with less magic and a Destroyer of Eternities wielding Tomb King to bludgeon people over the head with.

JD2 tournament report

JudgementDay is a 750pt 40k tournament run out in Altona Meadows, this year myself, Jack, Garrat and Steve all represented Hampton club there.

Painting Marathon

I didnt realise JD2 was a week before I thought it was, so i had to paint prettymuch my whole army in a week. I did get this done, but most of it was the night before the tournament in a crazy paintingfest going untill 5am.

Pictures speak louder than words:

Conflict Doubles tournament 07.

We got there and were told that there would only be two other contestants. Luckily, one more showed, giving us a whopping three to play against- at least no null rounds...

First battle was against a couple of guys who had not played a tournament before today. They had onyl brought 500 points each to the party- a pity seeing as it should have been 500 pts each. And this is AFTER someone (an unnamed GW staff-member) had screened the list for validity- they forgot to screen it for size! Luckily, Adam (played brets at axe remastered) had some spare gobbos these and they were able to fill in the gaps.
SO that was undead and gobbos- an untrusted pairing. Had a good game against these two and massacred them (7-1 victory), and also gained the three bonus battle points for objectives (standards in this case).

The Conquests of Ka'atess

Conquest - 2000 point WHFB tournament, 5 games, held over Easter Sunday and Monday.... +1 to result for unit in opponents deployment zone, killing general and holding most table quarters.

Using the same army that got me 4th at Cancon, very happy with the way it works.

Liche High Priest: 4+ Ward, Flying Cloak, Hieratic Jar
Mounted Liche Priest: Dispel Scroll
Tomb Prince: Collar of Shapesh
Tomb Prince: Dispel Scroll