Warhammer 40,000

JD2 tournament report

JudgementDay is a 750pt 40k tournament run out in Altona Meadows, this year myself, Jack, Garrat and Steve all represented Hampton club there.

Painting Marathon

I didnt realise JD2 was a week before I thought it was, so i had to paint prettymuch my whole army in a week. I did get this done, but most of it was the night before the tournament in a crazy paintingfest going untill 5am.

Pictures speak louder than words:

Feral Orks Modelling Diary

Exactly 3 days ago i got the crazy idea that will probably spell my doom. Armed with $100, a horde of bitz, and 5 days before armylist submission, i decided to make a 750 pt feral ork army for Judgement Day, a new 1-day tournament.


Now, i have a lot of 40k armies, 10 in fact, although 4 or so are sold. You would assume that i would surely have 750 pts of something. Well...i do, and i had every intention to bring my LaTD with a full complement of spawn, however after stumbling on the feral ork armylist, a massed swarm of 60 fearless bs3 orks with a massive sqiggoth was just too good to pass up for a 750 point tourny. But heres the catch, the armylists have to be submitted in oh say, 3 days. So i need to know if i will actually have all the models, and be able to paint them for the 15th of july, in about 2 1/2 weeks time. 60 models in 2 1/2 weeks? Ill bet i can!

How did you build that? Episode 2: Urban Ruins

With the release of the new Cities of Death supplement, everyone is thinking about Urban terrain. Some poeple are thinking about buying GW's building kits. Some people are thinking about cheaper alternatives. Here's how HGC terrain nutter Owen (aka Pudding Wrestler) killed two birds with one stone.

The bit you actually want to read:

Ubran RuinsUbran Ruins What we're doing here is making the old 40K gothic ruins look better as well as getting some awesome urban terrain out of it. The Gothic ruins came with the old version of 40K as well as many of the battle force boxes. You can also pick up a set from your local GW at a reasonable price, or they often turn up on Ebay.