Feral Orks Modelling Diary

Exactly 3 days ago i got the crazy idea that will probably spell my doom. Armed with $100, a horde of bitz, and 5 days before armylist submission, i decided to make a 750 pt feral ork army for Judgement Day, a new 1-day tournament.


Now, i have a lot of 40k armies, 10 in fact, although 4 or so are sold. You would assume that i would surely have 750 pts of something. Well...i do, and i had every intention to bring my LaTD with a full complement of spawn, however after stumbling on the feral ork armylist, a massed swarm of 60 fearless bs3 orks with a massive sqiggoth was just too good to pass up for a 750 point tourny. But heres the catch, the armylists have to be submitted in oh say, 3 days. So i need to know if i will actually have all the models, and be able to paint them for the 15th of july, in about 2 1/2 weeks time. 60 models in 2 1/2 weeks? Ill bet i can!


Back to the army itself, 3 days ago i found 2 orcs from the fantasy starter set, so, for the fun of it, i painted them with purple skin and in two variations of a colour scheme. After deciding to make an entire army of these fellas i needed a second opinion on which major colour would work better, the blue or the green. So off i went to trawl wargamerau, tauonline, 40konline, dakkadakka, and a bunch of other forums.

Simply put, blue won.


So the very next day i went about and found another bunch of those 1-part orcs and went foraging for sluggas and other wotnots. I then painted up a test squad in the blue, to see how the scheme would look massed, as this army would be predominantly massed infantry.


So then i had to consider theme, which to make things quicker ill just quote myself from a wargamerau post, " I chose purple skin partly due to theme and also because its different and funky. The theme is basically gonna be based around the orks being essentially fungi. So going by the fact that feral orks seed almost anywhere and will no doubt adapt to their surroundings, i figured a purple pigment could simply be a deviation from the basic ork genetic stock. Im aiming to make these orks really 'welcome to the jungle' with feathers and wotnots. And YES GOLD metallics, which reflects the indigenious sorta nature of feral orks, which obviously could only find a gold-coloured metal in the jungle, rather than generic steel.
Also, going by the theme of 'genetic change with isolation' i was thinking for the more elite units, going further into the orks being fungi and having little mushrooms or spore cysts on their backs...maybe on the nobs and warboss. "


Armylist-wise ive decided on several things, all pigdoks in madboy units will have rokkits, 2-3 20-man madboy squads, a fully tooled warboss with cyboar retinue, 1-2 10-man boarboy squads(which'll be ork-boar-centaurs with motorbike wheels), at least 1 squad of 20 huntas with 3 rokkits, and last but not least 1-2 large/massive squiggoths, converted from the LoTR elephant. Obviously the 750 aim will have much less crap.


To finish up this first installment, ill post pics of the rest of the madboy unit(including pigdok with rokkit) and the huntas(with nob with rokkit), which i converted up today. (excuse the crap pics, camera's macro is stuffing up)


Oh yeah, and any fantasy players that have spare plastic boars, GIVE THEM TO ME! ILL PAY! $75 for five is not nice GW.


Hopefully have the 20 madboys and 20 huntas painted by the club this sat, seeya there!




Behold, the mighty 11pm camera flash!
Madboys are -almost- done, just gotta clean up some wotnots, but yeah, thats the first madboy unit done essentially.


Bought the savage orc shaman special character and an ork warboss to make a mounted pigdok and my warboss on foot. WIP conversion shots should be up soon, once the GS hardens enough.

Also, ill post some shots of the huntas, who're getting their purple skin on right now.



few more layery things and the hunta's skins done

and the warboss on foot(the klaws made from the ass of a defiler :P)


Got a tiny bit of red and skin done on friday night, was helping skeletor get his vostroyans pimped and purple.


Also, got the newly named "Warcheif Zul'Jin" almost finished, just gotta get the metals looking good really, and touch up some other stuff like the blue.



Heh just realised i need some styboys, quickly converted and painted up these fanatics ...which didnt have the balls-n-chains..
Notice the little cigar? heheh

Also converted up the pigdok for the second madboy unit, ill paint him once i convert the rest of that unit.

For bases im going for something really dulled down, just grey rocks or something. Just dont know where to get anything like that, GW gravel is brown..
Ill chuck on a few spots of static grass just to liven it up, but in theory, the grey should make the models even -more- seizure inducing.



Heres everything thats painted so far, exactly half the orks i need for the list.



Blegh, bases are frustrating, im trialling this crushed up rock, might paint over it if its crap.

Test model, bit bright for my liking, maybe some static grass could help it, ill probably try painting it grey and inking it up.

madboy squad 2 converted


Hunta squad is finally finished, with green warpaint unit markings.



$2 shop ahoy! Really 'anus-looking' as i thought...and this is the best i could find.
Still got a long way to go in making this look half-cool, should look alright painted though. I like the idea of pigdoks screwing around and making cyboars...so i gave this robotic legs.



Done a bit more. Added some nice bracelets and a head plate :P



*cries* its so embarressingly bad! I got lots more work till this starts looking good.



Realised i should print out some lists for the tourny .....and since i had some time on my hands i decided to pimp them.

Just made a simple backing image with some screwing around in paint with the WoW troll concept art, and flipping the colours and stuff around in photoshop. Then grabbed the ork glyphs for a border, printed the list over it, and hey presto, a pimptastic JD list! :P



Behold, a longwinded explanation of how i made the squiggoth base this arvo.

Got a tonne of useless fantasy bases.

Superglue the bastards down, cut it out.

kneadatite the gaps

pva on a sheet of thick paper, then mark out the squiggoth's feet

rockify it

paintify it

squigify it



Needed some more stuff to make it go "POP!"


+UPDATE...of sorts+

2 thirds of the army done.



Stayed up all night before JD, trying to get my and steve's armies finished.....and he had 80 unpainted guard *cries*

Display board horrors











Well JD is over. All in all it was a mad tourny, very fun, and didnt utterly destroy me :P

I placed 13th outta 50, and got "Best Army 'Star' Encourgement Award (Players Choice)", my little prize was 3 derivan minis paints(very nice quality, and HUGE bottles, not shitty 12ml GW crap, these are 36ml bastards) and a tonne of little magnets....i guess theyre 'Rare Earth', i dunno. There are two magnet sizes, plenty of both, and man, theyre powerful little bastards. So yeah, very happy with that :D

Shot by tenabrae when the armies were on display

So since i got these magnets i figured id just quickly make something up to test how strong they are and how hard they are to get glued in and stuff. So i just stuck a termie arm on a spare ork torso....and then i found another arm...and i ended up with a test model blutacked together for the cyborktaurs :P



Pics of the second cyborktaur i made up last night....and i still cant find my stash of armour plates and iron gobs *cries* and id saved up so many just for this squad! now i have to go and buy another box to get em...

So if 'yall have any lying around, send em my way.



Some pics of the pigdok on cyboar with rokkit i quickly made up last night..



k, erm. woot. Im doing a modelling challenge against fellow modeller 'drozzy' on wau. So myeah, log onto wargamerau and check it out. Basically were trying to out-squiggoth each other.


In the mean time, of making this massive squiggoth, i ordered another 'large' to convert up while i make the bigger one.



some pics of the squiggoth from the contest with drozzy so far.

little mork as he stands(literally now ^^)



Mork found his teefs!
Im so proud of the little guy, rocking around the clock constantly.



 Lots of stuff done lately, but i cbf updating any of it.


So heres the latest.


Snakes on a plane? Gorillas on a bus?
Orks on a trukk! :D

Quickly painted this up this afternoon, and yes, it is the cleanest, most flamboyant feral ork trukk ever. :D