The Hive Bottom Tribune: HGC's Necromunda Newsletter. Vol. 2 No. 1



After several years of absence from our streets,. The Hive Bottom Tribune is back! After the unfortunate incident of the exploding Soya-Chicken sandwich which destroyed our offices and press, it seemed that the Tribune was doomed to disappear. I, Shady Zeke the Hack, editor and owner of this fine paper was out of work, ruined, and forced to take up the wandering life of a prospector.

I was down to eating my socks (I'd already eaten my shoes) when I stumbled across a wondrousness find – an Archeotech Printing Engine of incredible age and power! So the Tribune is back in business! We'll be bringing you the latest news hot of the streets of Slime Pit Harbor and the surrounding dome every week. Non-biased reporting, quality editorials, insightful articles – forget them! This is the HiveBottom Tribune!


The Mayor of Slime Pit Harbor, Cnr. Vlad 'Revolver' D'Ocelote issued a statement this week concerning the rise in gang activity in our fair city.

In the last week alone three gangs have been formed and have already fought numerous and bloody battles. There are also unconfirmed reports of Spyrer activity in our dome. Security Vid-Retinas installed around the Sump Pump Central Ooze Pumping Co. facility at Fishman's Bend captured several blurred images of what appear to be an up-hive hunting party in action against Local Escher gang, the Ladies of the Night.

'Fro Master Flash, leader of the local branch of the Supreme Fraternity of the 'Fro, and advisory to the Ladies, neither confirmed nor denied the sightings, stating that he was not present on those occasions.

There are also Goliath and Orlock gangs active in our city.

Cnr. D'Ocelote plans a new, tough stance on illegal gang warfare. Patrols will be increased, and the new water-cannon truck which the city has ordered from House Ran Lo's up-hive manufacturings is due to be delivered in two weeks.

'Look out, is all I can say to the gangs, we're about to get tough' Said Cnr. D'Ocelote.


There have been numerous sightings recently of mysterious cloaked figures. Reports conflict greatly – some eye witnesses claim they where the red and yellow robes of the redemption, others claim a more sinister, deeper color. Several reports have mentioned extensive bionic enhancements being visible, and one even mentioned the robed figures being escorted by Pit Slaves of some sort. Could it be that the Redemption is once more coming to spread hellfire and damnation, or could it be a more sinister agency at work? Watch this space!


HiveTrans is set to open a new ground-rail line between Slimepit Harbor and Rift City early next month. After considerable delays, the new twin-track line is set to be opened by HiveTrans chairman, Randy Von Stoaten. The new line will employ a number of fossil fuel fired steam driven locomotives built by Goliath Heavy Industries. Services will run twice a day for passengers, and freight trains will run four times per day carrying mixed cargo.

The Slimepit Harbor chamber of commerce are confident that the price of Bat meat, cave fungus, and the famous Hi-Narkin beer native to Rift City will drop by up to 25% with the opening of the new line.