The Hive Bottom Tribune: HGC's Necromunda Newsletter. Vol. 2 No. 2




A minor hive tremor in the vicinity of Ash Falls caused a major land slide last week. Residents of the settlement where astonished when the entire side of Mt. Pukastinkee broke off and collapsed, revealing the derelict remains of a maglev line. Their amazement could only be increased by the discovery that the maglev lines led to a lost dome! Enforcers set up a perimeter to prevent civilians from endangering themselves until an official investigation and exploration could be made. The dome is believed to be Geodesic XII, a dome which was lost over seven thousand years ago. Ancient hive maps designate it as a classified manufactorum dome.

Tech-Magos Caldrev of the Adeptus Mechanicus has just arrived in Slime Pit harbor, and is preparing a team to investigate the new dome. The expedition requires escorts through the dangerous under hive areas around (and inside) the new dome, along with porters and pack slaves. The Tech-Magos can be contacted at the Pit bar and Grille in Slime Pit Harbor.


Last week, local Eschers 'The ladies of the Night' met with Goliath gang, the Sham Slammers while out scavenging. After the dust settled, the Ladies where left one member short. The Goliaths had kidnapped juve Peggety 'Piggy' Caroline.

'Naturally, we where not going to stand for it. Piggy represented a significant investment in weapons, training and hair styling' said The Ladies' leader, Vanessa Stab.

A daring rescue mission was planned, and all went well for the Eschers. Then, the alarm was sounded. The Eschers managed to rescue their errant Juve, but in the process, Vanessa Stab and several other members where wounded. In return, the Eschers killed outright one of the guards, before fleeing the battlefield.

'I hope they've learned their lesson' said Ms. Stab.


The dreaded Spyrer team which has been stalking our fair city for the past weeks has at last been given a taste of it's own medicine. After winning their past nine encounters and causing untold pain and suffering, the Sham Slammers have put them in their place. The Spyrers lost three of their high-tech death-dealing fingers and fled back up-hive. That's the last we'll be seeing of them! One taste of good old Underhive steel and they flee like children!


There has been reports coming in from Sump Pump Central that both Ratskins and renegade Pit Slaves are active in our dome. The foul primitives, who absurdly claim to be the original inhabitants of our world, have once more come out of hiding and seek to retake what they claim is rightfully theirs. Fortunately, they ran into a bunch of scum sucking, no good rebel Pit Slaves, and managed to beat each other to a stand still. Hopefully these two evil influences will manage to cancel each other out before anything serious happens to honest citizens.


Influential Galactic news mag, THYME has named Necromunda's own Geordje Jyett-Senn it's man of the year! Local boy Geordge picked up the accolade for his part in the re-discovery of the lost technology known as the 'zpro'kett'.

“I'm really very pleased!” said Geordje, “I just wish we knew what the zpro'kett was for!”