The Hive Bottom Tribune: HGC's Necromunda Newsletter. Vol. 2 No. 3



Geodesic XII, the newly discovered dome was the scene of a terrible bloodbath yesterday. Magos Caldrev, escorted by local Orlock gangs and a local Bounty Hunter was attacked by a motley coalition of outlaw scum desperate to claim the riches for themselves! The outlaw coalition consisted of Ratskins, escaped Pit Slaves and (reports have yet to be confirmed) possibly even the Ladies of the Night – local Escher heroines!

The treacherous conditions prevalent within the new dome had a significant impact upon the outcome of the clash. A thin and extremely slippery layer of slime coated the ground, making movement hazardous. On numerous occasions otherwise powerful warriors were brought down when their feet went out from under them.

Fighting between the Explorators, Ratskins and elements of the Pit Slaves was ferocious, but on the other flank, the Etchers advanced almost unmolested by the Orlocks. It was not until late in the battle that the Eschers and Orlocks clashed. By this time, the Explorator team was badly damaged and on the point of flight. Several Orlocks where rapidly dispatched, and the Explorators and their escorts fled the field.

It was then that the treacherous natures of the Outlaws came into play, with the gangs turning on one another for control of the loot. The Eschers where quickly beaten off, with the Ratskins and Pit Slaves grabbing most of the loot.


The Slime Pit Harbor municipal baths have been opened once more after a prolonged closure due to a blue-green algae infestation. Both the Indoor Water and Sump Goo pools are again open for business, and it is expected that the outdoor Sump Goo pool will be back in operation next week after it has been dredged of any dead cats which may have accumulated.


Eye Witnesses have been coming in from the bad zones with shocking stories for the last week. Numerous sightings of Syprer hunting teams have been reported by such reputable witnesses as Fro Master Flash, Zlad McClintock, mayor of Dust Bowl, and even Sir Osric Pureheart, the Guilder assigned to the Slime-Pit harbor to Ash Falls hive-trans rail link.

Now an even more disturbing report has come in from one Vloderick Cloztchetski a slime prospector from Dirty Dive.

Mr Cloztchetski was in the area of Squid Corner last Thursday, and reports having stumbled across the base camp of a Syprer team. Before he could escape to report the base to the authorities, the base was raided! By Ratskins!

The battle was short and hard, with the Ratskins outclassed by the superior technology of the up-hive scum suckers. Numerous Ratskins fell in close combat or were taken out by their own weapons fire, reflected back upon them by the accursed mirror shields. The Ratskins where rapidly beaten off, only four of their number escaping unhurt.

The Spyrers have been taught a valuable lesson – for the likes of them, nowhere can be safe. But did it have to fall to the Ratskin scum to do the teaching? Why can't our Enforcers or Underhive gangs do something?


Finally someone is trying to do something about those accursed Ratkins. Local Orlock gangers have swung into action to cleanse the Ratskin scourge. Reports are as yet inconclusive and vague, but it is known that the Orlocks have clashed with the Ratskins on several occasions now.


In the early hours of Wednesday morning, a rogue Pit Slave crashed through the Ash Falls Mine, killing up to thirty other slaves, both enhanced and natural. The Slave was eventually cornered and destroyed by a team of Goliath enforcers employed by the mine management.

This is the third such incident in the last month. This time, the Slave's head was relatively intact after it was subdued, and an investigation was mounted. Mine Foreman Zakk Clodd said 'De problem wuz caused by a dodgy stim chip in da injection manifold. We iz investigatin' da otha slavez, and we'z cancled da contract for da chips wiv House Delaque.'