The Hive Bottom Tribune: HGC's Necromunda Newsletter. Vol. 2 No. 6




The week long peace which had settled like a blanket over the Slime Pit Harbour area was shattered yesterday when Heinrich's Heroes and the Ladies of the Night ran into each other while scavenging.

In a rare display of cunning tactics, the ladies made use of smoke grenades to cover their advance. Unfortunately, a lack of familiarity with the weapons combined with strong winds thwarted their attempts, and left them open to incoming fire.

Heinrich's Heroes made excellent use of their newly acquired needle sniper rifle, taking three unlucky ladies out of action at long ranges. The ladies retaliated with a long range heavy stubber burst which killed on of the Heroes outright. The Ladies eventually fled clutching their two lucky finds when both their leader, Amanda Stabb, and on of their shotgunners were downed by Heinrich's men.


It's that time of the year again sports fans! The annual Synth-a-Chook Lords of the Spire All Hive Series begins next week!

This year sees the introducing of long debated new rules, including updates to the 'base' rules, and a new player stat scoring system. The first game of the year will be played at Slime Pit Harbour's own beautiful D'Ocelote Stadium on Friday Night, followed by a further five games over the weekend at various provincial stadiums.

“We're very excited” Said Ms. Rebbecca Zlatnik, Synth-a-Chook's head of marketing “It looks like a fantastic season coming up!”



About 3:00pm last Tuesday an Enforcer patrol sent to investigate sounds of heavy gun fire from 'Spider Flat' Holestead came upon a grisly scene.

Aaron D'Arqebusse, the Delaque holesteader and his entire family had been massacred and partially eaten. Thousands of spent shotgun and autogun cartridges where scattered about the fortified main building of the holestead, indicating a prolonged and spirited defence. The attackers appeared to have breached the door through simple weight of numbers, pouring in to kill the unfortunates.

Various tracks and markings, as well as the partially consumed remains of several corpses outside lead the Enforcers to believe the killings were caused by Mutants.

Chief Justice Gradgrind gave this statement: “We have reason to believe a large mutant pack is moving east across the dome. The pack consists of an unknown number of Mutants, possibly over a hundred, along with an even larger number of Plague Zombies. We believe the Mutants may also have several unusually large members, possibly Mutant Ogryns. These mutants appear to be part of a blasphemous cult, not the usual result of pollution. They are extremely dangerous”

Extra enforcer patrols have been ordered, and there is talk of calling up the Slime Pit Harbour Militia.