Duelling Paintbrushes II - Halberdiers Almost Done

The Halberdiers are nearly done. The blueish metal and gems are finished, and the skin is basecoated. Again, the bad flash photography doesn't exactly show the real colours, but you get the idea. Only the skin and green glow to finish now, and then the actual models will be done.

Duelling Paintbrushes II - Halberdiers Progress

The Houseguard Halberdiers are getting there, with the black, green, brown and dull metal done. The colours in these (bad) photos are exaggerated because of the flash, but you get the idea.

Duelling Paintbrushes II - Retribution of Scyrah

So, Duelling Paintbrushes is running again this year and I said I'd join in. I'm currently in a Warmachine phase (the game, not the things in Warhammer Fantasy that shoot stuff and blow up when Greg uses them), and so I enquired about painting some of that rather the 1000pt WHFB armies Greg, Owen and Drew are doing.

Club on the 27th

The games club will be run at my place this saturday (the 27th of december) starting at 12. I have room for 3 tables so everyone won't be able to play at the same time but that doesn't matter hugely. It is likely we'll have to finish up a bit earlier than normal as some of us are probably heading to the football in the evening.

There will be no charge, (unlike those scurrelous bastards that run the real club with their inordinate fees and taxes, just kidding btw) but bring something along for everyone to share.