Medusa V 40k

so hey everyone!, i want to start playing more 40k, and i know alot of you already play so i thought i would start up atopic where we can have people justlist their games and who won ect so for example ( crimsonfist marines V tau-1500 points- imperial victory) welcome to put pics or breif game descriptions.  and from here ill log into the medusa V website and log in all the clubs results!

so far i know that ben, youve played alot of 40k recently with your new purple (feral) orks so if you wanna put a few results up it'd be great!

otherwise eveyrone else might be good just to discuss with your oponents the fact that the games results will be up here so everyone knows  they're fighting for the good of the imperium (damn the rest of you to the warp)

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Heh, ive already uploaded a

Heh, ive already uploaded a few of my games on the medusa website.I guess all the ones from JD were uploaded too, since it was an official Medusa V tourny.


I think people should post up their medusa regos so we can chuck in the results easier. Mines either   CSM-AU-02763 for alpha legion or  ORK-AU-01320 for the ferals.



Most of the 40k players are little tikes so i doubt they'd have medusa id's, considering i dont think any of them are even aware of their own club's website.