Terrain For Hippos celebrates it's first birthday.

For those of you not in the habit of visiting TFH, it should be mentioned that it's birthday is on the 18th of May, so there will be a grand compotition!
Check out the contest details here. Or, you know, get really creeped out by his cold dead eyes or whatever.

Club not on 10th April

Most of us will be at Melbourne in Flames next weekend, so the club won't be running on the 10th of April. We'll be back on the week after.

No Club on 23rd January

Due to Cancon and Dogcon drawing our members away like a magnet, there will be no club this week. We will be back on the 30th as usual.

Christmas Break

Well, it's that time of the year again. The HCC is closed for Christmas, and so are we. We will be back on January 16th.

Merry Christmas

Axemaster 2009 Results

First of all, thanks to everybody for coming. This was the largest Axemaster field we've had so far, and it was great to see some new players. Things went pretty smoothly given that it was the first tournament I've run, and people seemed to be having a good time. We also want to thank Mil Sims again for sponsoring the tournament and supplying prizes - without their help the spoils of victory would be pretty slim.

Axemaster 2009

Axemaster this year will be run on the 19th-20th of September, 2009.

  • Warhammer Fantasy 7th edition rules
  • 2500pt armies
  • Six games over two days
  • $30 entry

The venue is our usual haunt:

Hampton Community Center,
14 Willis St. Hampton, VIC

Club not on 27th of June - Convic

The club won't be held on Saturday the 27th of June, as most of us will be at the Convic tournament. We're back on as usual on the 4th of July.

Club at my place on the 4th

Just letting you all know that the games club will be running out of my place on saturday because of the double booking at the community centre. Things will start at 12 as usual and there will be no charge. Feel free to bring along chips or drinks for everyone to enjoy should you wish...

Let me know if you don't know where i live, but i think most of you have managed to track me down by now.

Cya saturday


Club closed on April 4th and 18th

Due to other bookings at the community centre and Melbourne in Flames commitments, the club will be closed on these two dates.

Club not running on Australia Day weekend

Due to nearly everybody being away at Cancon, the club's not running this Saturday (the 24th). We'll be back on as usual the Saturday after.