The Hive Bottom Tribune: HGC's Necromunda Newsletter. Vol. 2 No. 1



After several years of absence from our streets,. The Hive Bottom Tribune is back! After the unfortunate incident of the exploding Soya-Chicken sandwich which destroyed our offices and press, it seemed that the Tribune was doomed to disappear. I, Shady Zeke the Hack, editor and owner of this fine paper was out of work, ruined, and forced to take up the wandering life of a prospector.

Gamer Profile - Ben

True Name: Ben Johnson

aka: 'waargh' on forums

Games Created: GROT WARS

Games Played: warhammer 40k, gettin' into DnD



Gamer Profile: The Pudding Wrestler

The Pudding Wrestler!The Pudding Wrestler!True Name: Owen P. Top

Aka: Pudding Wrestler, El Puddingero, Grabthug Da Slava, Nurgh'leth Kavash Vaar, Lord Putriidiuos the Foul, Warchief Spang Magakan, Felonious Festus, Shady Zeke the Hack, and numerous others I've forgotten...

Games Played: Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, Necromunda, Mordhiem, Battle Fleet Gothic, Blood Bowl (just not much) Zombies!!!, DND (not much at all really), anything else which turns up...

How did you make that? Episode Three: The Blood River

In the realm of chaos, everything is twisted and distorted, the very rocks and trees are weird agonized parodies of themselves. Here, the rivers can flow with any liquid – water, acid, vomit, melted cheese, or in this case, blood.The River of BloodThe River of Blood

When I decided to make the Blood River, I knew only two things: I would try out foam core for the banks, and I would try out MDF for the 'ribs'. After a lot of doodling in sketch books and uni note books I worked out what the rest would be. I had to drop a few ideas (like the section of boiling blood) for reasons of space, but most of it came through.

Feral Orks Modelling Diary

Exactly 3 days ago i got the crazy idea that will probably spell my doom. Armed with $100, a horde of bitz, and 5 days before armylist submission, i decided to make a 750 pt feral ork army for Judgement Day, a new 1-day tournament.


Now, i have a lot of 40k armies, 10 in fact, although 4 or so are sold. You would assume that i would surely have 750 pts of something. Well...i do, and i had every intention to bring my LaTD with a full complement of spawn, however after stumbling on the feral ork armylist, a massed swarm of 60 fearless bs3 orks with a massive sqiggoth was just too good to pass up for a 750 point tourny. But heres the catch, the armylists have to be submitted in oh say, 3 days. So i need to know if i will actually have all the models, and be able to paint them for the 15th of july, in about 2 1/2 weeks time. 60 models in 2 1/2 weeks? Ill bet i can!

The Battle of de Bouganne Farm

A Warhammer Fantasy battle report from the annals of HGC.

Drew (Bretonnians) vs Sam (Lizardmen), 2250pts

How did you build that? Episode 2: Urban Ruins

With the release of the new Cities of Death supplement, everyone is thinking about Urban terrain. Some poeple are thinking about buying GW's building kits. Some people are thinking about cheaper alternatives. Here's how HGC terrain nutter Owen (aka Pudding Wrestler) killed two birds with one stone.

The bit you actually want to read:

Ubran RuinsUbran Ruins What we're doing here is making the old 40K gothic ruins look better as well as getting some awesome urban terrain out of it. The Gothic ruins came with the old version of 40K as well as many of the battle force boxes. You can also pick up a set from your local GW at a reasonable price, or they often turn up on Ebay.

How did you make it? Episode 1: Orc Huts

HCG's Orc huts were created by terrain guru Owen (aka Pudding Wrestler) Here's how you can make your own at home.

The bit you actually want to read:

First off, cut a rough octagon shape about 10cm across, and 4cm tall from polystyrene. If you don't have polystyrene, you could make the shape from cardboard, foamcore, wood, or even clay. This is the core of the hut.Orc huts Step 1Orc huts Step 1
Now, you can add the support beams, poles and door frame. All of this is made from balsa wood, although you could use skewers or toothpicks instead if you don't have any. You need to put an upright at each corner, as well as making a door frame. You also need the poles which support the roof. These are just pieces of toothpick or skewer which radiate inwards from each upright into the center of the roof. Add one last upright in the middle of the roof where they all meet.

HGC site back online

The HGC site is back online after a brief hiatus - sorry for any inconvenience caused. The new site should (in theory) be a lot easier to add news to and keep up-to-date, and we plan to add new content reasonably regularly. Only the basics are up at the moment, but watch this space...