No club on June 30th

Given that about half of us are going to be at Convic and another booking requires use of the tables during the day on that weekend, there will be no club meeting on June 30th. Please pass this message on to anyone who might not see it here.

All in the Name of Conquest

A battle report by Greg Johnson and Peter Spiller

A group of us recently attended Conquest, which is a long-established Warhammer Fantasy tournament (among other things) held at Melbourne High over Easter. This time there were only 20 players attending, and given that there were 8 HGC members going (and one defacto member who was an old friend over from Germany), there were good odds of us playing games against each other.

On the Outer

Until further notice, the club will be held in the Ivison and Courtyard Rooms, rather than the main hall. This is because there are other bookings that require more space than us. This is likely to be a long-term change. If you have any questions, let me know.

Scenario - Flank Attack

This article contains the rules to play a Flank Attack scenario in a game of Warhammer Fantasy 7th Edition. It is based on the Flank Attack scenario contained in the Warhammer Fantasy 6th Edition Rulebook, however we have adapted it somewhat. That scenario was plagued by the main problem that it was actually disadvantageous to commit troops to a flanking maneuver, which makes the whole thing rather pointless. We've tweaked it a bit to try to make it work.

The Furry and the Furious

An Orc and Goblins vs Skaven battle report by Peter Spiller and Greg Johnson

Cancon photos

We finally tracked down our copy of the Cancon photos CD and uploaded some of them to the Cancon gallery. (Only a few months late...)

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Knights of the Round Tables

Apparently we will be in the side room again this week, and our usual tables have been booked along with the hall. We will therefore be making use of the Great Round Tables (TM) that are normally stored away from prying eyes. Obviously this is less than ideal for wargaming, but I think the area will still be large enough.

Anyway, it was this or try to cancel at the 11th hour, so we shall bravely soldier on and hope for the best. Knights of the Round Tables, ho!!

- Greg

Conflict Doubles tournament 07.

We got there and were told that there would only be two other contestants. Luckily, one more showed, giving us a whopping three to play against- at least no null rounds...

First battle was against a couple of guys who had not played a tournament before today. They had onyl brought 500 points each to the party- a pity seeing as it should have been 500 pts each. And this is AFTER someone (an unnamed GW staff-member) had screened the list for validity- they forgot to screen it for size! Luckily, Adam (played brets at axe remastered) had some spare gobbos these and they were able to fill in the gaps.
SO that was undead and gobbos- an untrusted pairing. Had a good game against these two and massacred them (7-1 victory), and also gained the three bonus battle points for objectives (standards in this case).

The Conquests of Ka'atess

Conquest - 2000 point WHFB tournament, 5 games, held over Easter Sunday and Monday.... +1 to result for unit in opponents deployment zone, killing general and holding most table quarters.

Using the same army that got me 4th at Cancon, very happy with the way it works.

Liche High Priest: 4+ Ward, Flying Cloak, Hieratic Jar
Mounted Liche Priest: Dispel Scroll
Tomb Prince: Collar of Shapesh
Tomb Prince: Dispel Scroll

Let Loose the Hounds of War

As I have already lamented in another article, the Dogs of War are an army that is being left behind by Warhammer as the game develops. Since the introduction of 6th Edition, all of the armies have now been properly released (some are now in their second incarnation) except for two – the Chaos Dwarfs and the Dogs of War. These armies are both still running on “temporary” lists, and seem likely to do so until they vanish entirely.

But I’m not going to talk about that now. This article is about using the Dogs of War in their current form, and maybe throwing around some ideas about their use that may not have occurred to everyone. The Dogs of War remain a legitimate army, and one of only two (the other being Ogre Kingdoms) that can be fielded alongside almost any other army. This should make them something that every player at least considers, no matter what army they are focused on. Henceforth I shall refer to them as DoW, for the sake of typing less (because I am lazy)1.