Warhammer Fantasy

Axemaster 2008

Axemaster this year will be run on the 16th-17th of August, 2008.

  • Warhammer Fantasy 7th edition rules
  • 2250pt armies
  • Six games over two days
  • $30 entry

The venue is our usual haunt:

Hampton Community Center,
14 Willis St. Hampton, VIC

The Fortunes of a High Elf

Fortunes of War Report - 2008

My army:
Archmage: Ethereal robe, Seerstaff and Dispel Scroll
Mage: Ring of Fury, Silver Wand
Noble: BSB, Sword of Might, Helm of Fortune, Barded Steed
Noble: Lance, Temekadors Gauntlets (+1sv, 5+ward), Barded Steed

19 Spearmen:Full Command
10 Archers

The Siege of Fort Trollengerschpanken

The Siege of Fort Trollengerschpanken;
A Drunken Dwarves VS. Avaricious Imperials battle report.

The armies:
Gunther's Gatecrashers.

General Gunther Striche (General of the Empire): 174 Points.
Hammer of Judgement, Holy relic, Plate armour, Shield.

Grand Master Ludwig Von Flasche (Knight grand master): 240 Points.
Sword of Power, Laurels of Victory.

Beards, Robes and Fangs

A 10,000pt battle report featuring High Elves, Dwarves and an awful lot of Vampires...

On the principle that bigger equals better, a bunch of us decided to play a fairly substantial game for a change. The new Vampire Counts book had just been released, complete with incredibly expensive Vampire characters, so I was slightly amazed to find I could actually make a 5000pt army fairly easily (having over 2000pts just in Vampire Lords helped). The hugeness of it all attracted legions of bystanders, onlookers, hecklers and the like, some of whom handily came eqipped with cameras. Since we ended up with a ton of photos, I thought it'd be shame not to do something with them. Here follow my (probably incomplete and biased) recollections of a pretty big game between the noble alliance of High Elves (Greg) and Dwarves (Aaron) and the fiendish and black-hearted but impeccably-dressed Vampire Counts (Ben and Pete).

View all the photos from the game

Axemaster 2007 Results

Here are the results for Axemaster 2007. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everybody who entered. We thought everything went pretty smoothly, and hopefully everybody had a good time.

Axemaster - Tales of a Destroyer

Over the past 2 days I played at Axemaster, a tournament run by the Hampton Games Club in my home suburb of Hampton. I used my trusty Tomb Kings with a slightly different list than I normally run, one with less magic and a Destroyer of Eternities wielding Tomb King to bludgeon people over the head with.

Axemaster 2007

The HGC is running Axemaster again this year on the 13th-14th of October.

  • Warhammer Fantasy 7th edition rules
  • 2250pt armies
  • Six games over two days
  • $30 entry

The venue is our usual haunt:

Hampton Community Center,
14 Willis St. Hampton, VIC

Updated 25 July: rules, scenarios, entry details, etc - read on for more

All in the Name of Conquest

A battle report by Greg Johnson and Peter Spiller

A group of us recently attended Conquest, which is a long-established Warhammer Fantasy tournament (among other things) held at Melbourne High over Easter. This time there were only 20 players attending, and given that there were 8 HGC members going (and one defacto member who was an old friend over from Germany), there were good odds of us playing games against each other.

Scenario - Flank Attack

This article contains the rules to play a Flank Attack scenario in a game of Warhammer Fantasy 7th Edition. It is based on the Flank Attack scenario contained in the Warhammer Fantasy 6th Edition Rulebook, however we have adapted it somewhat. That scenario was plagued by the main problem that it was actually disadvantageous to commit troops to a flanking maneuver, which makes the whole thing rather pointless. We've tweaked it a bit to try to make it work.

The Furry and the Furious

An Orc and Goblins vs Skaven battle report by Peter Spiller and Greg Johnson