Warhammer Fantasy

Axeremastered results

Axeremastered is over, and it seems to have gone pretty well. Thanks to everybody who entered, and congratulations to the following winners of various glittering prizes:

First Overall: Andrew Goodman - Daemonic Legion (Khorne)
Second Overall: Ben Morrison - Vampire Counts (Von Carstein)
Third Overall: Sam Webster - Lizardmen
Best Sports: Andrew Noakes - Orcs and Goblins
Best Painted Army: Steve Kelsall - Dark Elves (prize give to Julian Jaksch for his Dwarves on countback, due to restrictions on Military Simulations employees winning prizes.)

The Tale of Suzeraine Trompeur and Escadron de Forban

Here is my army background. I thought I'd embrace my 'cheating' reputation and turn my Brets into a dishonourable rabble of low-lives. I'm assuming that it's an open-list tournament - I'm gonna put my list in. Not like it's gonna surprise you.


The Tale of Suzeraine Trompeur and Escadron de Forban
Putting down his quil, Suzeraine Trompeur de Carcasonne looked up at his henchman Gluant Ver. Trompeur hated being disrupted whilst doing his tax avoidance, but he had almost trusted Gluant since they were young nobles, stealing wooden swords and pantomime horses from the common children. These days, Gluant hardly ever stole from his lord, and Trompeur trusted Gluant almost as far as he could throw him. Gluant was his sticky fingered right-hand man.

The Changing Face of Warhammer

The Warhammer world is changing, and players who left the hobby 10 years ago might not even recognize their own armies anymore. But are the changes all for the better?  

In the last few years I have discovered myself playing more and more games with my Orc and Goblin army. I think this is largely due to the fact that I tend to play fairly regularly in tournaments, and as such I tend to use the army for which I have the most miniatures painted. Certainly I assumed that this was the main reason, and thought nothing more of it. But then in the last few months I have started collecting a Dwarf army. Not just any army of Dwarfs, however – the majority of the miniatures that I have collected for the army are very old. I have always liked the old Dwarf miniatures, and this I attributed to my dislike of largely single-pose regiments (such as the current range of Dwarf Hammerers and Longbeards). This theory was supported by the fact that I do quite like the current plastic range, which are multi-pose and easily converted. Again, I was satisfied with this explanation and ceased to ponder the matter. I try not to probe too deeply into my own subconscious, as it scares me (and those around me)…

Axeremastered: Warhammer Fantasy tournament

(or the tournament formerly known as Axemaster)

As the title suggests, this tournament is being run in the place of Axemaster, to prevent the sudden gap in the gaming calendar. It is being run with the full backing of Military Simulations, whose assistance is appreciated.

Axeremastered is a Warhammer Fantasy Battle tournament to be held on the 11th and 12th of November 2006 at the Hampton community centre. The tournament consists of 6 games played over the two days and costs $30 to enter.

Bone Giant Conversion

Well of late I have been inspired by all the bone giants I've seen on Khemri.co.uk so I thought I'd try to spruce up my own giant, which was a completely generic GW bone giant, with a not very good paint job. Along came a bottle of Mineral Turpentine and I got most of the 4 layers of paint off of it. Now my army lacks a centrepiece, sure the ushabti look great (at least i think so) but they arn't exactly large. So to make my giant a little different I thought I'd make it carry a banner/icon. This not only makes the giant look differernt and original, but adds a focal point to the army, increasing the look of the army overall.

The Battle of de Bouganne Farm

A Warhammer Fantasy battle report from the annals of HGC.

Drew (Bretonnians) vs Sam (Lizardmen), 2250pts