Club not running on 23rd of March

Quite a lot of us will be at the VICC tournament on March 23rd, so the club won't be running that day. We'll be back on the 30th.

Last 2012 club meeting December 8th, reopens January 19th

December 8th is the last weekend the games club runs this year. It starts up again on January 19th. It won't be running on January 26th, since most people will be at Cancon, but we're running every Saturday as usual from February 2nd onwards.

Duelling Paintbrushes II - Halberdiers Almost Done

The Halberdiers are nearly done. The blueish metal and gems are finished, and the skin is basecoated. Again, the bad flash photography doesn't exactly show the real colours, but you get the idea. Only the skin and green glow to finish now, and then the actual models will be done.

Duelling Paintbrushes II - Halberdiers Progress

The Houseguard Halberdiers are getting there, with the black, green, brown and dull metal done. The colours in these (bad) photos are exaggerated because of the flash, but you get the idea.

Duelling Paintbrushes II - Retribution of Scyrah

So, Duelling Paintbrushes is running again this year and I said I'd join in. I'm currently in a Warmachine phase (the game, not the things in Warhammer Fantasy that shoot stuff and blow up when Greg uses them), and so I enquired about painting some of that rather the 1000pt WHFB armies Greg, Owen and Drew are doing.

Axemaster 2012 Player Pack

Axemaster this year will be run on the 20th-21st of October 2012.

  • Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition rules

Club not running 24th of March

As most of us will be at the VICC tournament on the 24th of March, the club won't be running. We'll be back on the 31st.

Club isn't running on January 28th

As most of us will be at either Cancon or Arcanacon on January 28th, the club won't be running. We'll be back the Saturday after (February 4th).

Club not meeting over Christmas, back on January 14th

The Hampton Community Centre is closed over the Christmas break. The club's not running for the next few weeks, and will be restarting on January the 14th.

Cancon 2012 Player's Pack

  • 27th, 28th and 29th of January 2012
  • Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition rules
  • 2400pt armies
  • Eight games over three days
  • Army lists must be submitted by 14th of January 2012
  • Online entry available at